Getting ready for your big day requires a lot of choices. From deciding the dress of the outfit to fixing the hair do, brides get ample of suggestions. But have you ever realized that what’s above all these? The final look, yes, the final drape that makes you a perfect bride for the evening. Dupattas, no doubt, are an inevitable part of D-day look. Some of the brides choose double drapes while some believe in keeping it falling. When it comes to dupatta draping, every bride contemplates various looks. But, hold on, we are not allowing you to get short of ideas. We have curated the best dupatta draping styles and oodles of new trends to make your bridal look just wow.

Pick your favorite draping styles for the most auspicious day of your life.

1. Sharp and stunning!: A modern look in which the primary dupatta is set on the head and other one is draped to enhance the overall attire. This bridal look is in trend and brides these days are going crazy for this drape.

2. The cape drape: Drape your dupatta around your shoulder and create a jacket look. Keep yourself hassle free by pinning it up. This look gives an illusion of cape and adds modernization.

3. Go gujju: You can stuck to your cultural roots and go full Gujarati style. Pair your lehenga with pleated dupatta on one shoulder and flare it in front.

4. The saree style: Drape your wedding dupatta in a saree style with a falling pallu. Its a simple anastylish way and looks great. This definitely looks great but carrying it might get a little clumsy! To avoid that, you can go with a rather well-pinned pleated pallu.

5. Drape it Diagonally: An effortlessly casual drape is what you need to enjoy your own wedding to the core. You can surely add an oomph factor with plates and belt if you find it too casual.

6. Modern yet Traditional: Drape one dupatta on your head and set your pleated dupatta on one side of the shoulder and secure it with a belt. This gives a contemporary ye traditional look on your big day.

7. Add layers and be a slayer: Drape your duaptta in layers over your lehenga to get a simple and elegant look. This looks stylish and is different from other drapes.

8. Total Traditional: If you are a bride who believes in being traditional on your wedding day, set one dupatta over your head and bring the other one from back to front. Pin it on the waist to complete your look.

9. A sophisticated drape: Get ready like a sophisticated bride and neatly pleat your dupatta and drape it in the saree style. Set the other dupatta on your head and bring the sides in front for a layered look.

So out of all these unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga, which ones did you love? Let us know in the comments section below about your choice of drapes.

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