What’s a better way to start your new year’s morning with a spread of lip-smacking dishes? To help you organize a wonderful brunch, we’ve crafted the best and top ten dishes that are easy to make and full of flavors. On this note, let’s start with the list of our special dishes that are worth giving a try.

Tomato and basil soup:

A hot soupy bowl can be the ideal starter for your day during the winter season. For a tasty and unique brunch idea, you could try the tomato and basil soup recipe. Stir tomatoes, onions, and garlic into a pan to caramelize then mix them with vegetable or chicken broth. If you need a more flavored brunch, supplement fresh basil and serve it with bread or grilled cheese. If you offer bread with some butter, it is the perfect way to begin a meal with soup.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes:

Loved by many people around the globe, cinnamon roll pancakes are the best option since they give the world’s best experience by combining fluffy and gooey flavors. Commonly known ingredients are required to prepare this delicacy — flour, milk, eggs and cinnamon powder. These sugar and cinnamon rolls give taste a new turn. Lastly, use cream cheese with it for an amazing experience.

Apple Butter:

Apple butter, also called jam, is a very tasty snack to go for at brunch! A sweet, sour and spicy apple sauce can be prepared and stored for longer use. If you want to make your apple butter at home, get started by cooking some sliced apples with cinnamon spice and sugar. Once the desired consistency is achieved, simply blend them into a smooth puree. It can be served as a topping for certain items or in pastries. It can be utilized as a compliment; since it tastes just right with bread, and over pancakes and waffles.

Sweet potato burrito:

This sweet potato burrito is a great option for breakfast if you want something delicious and healthy. In order to achieve a fresh and wholesome flavor, cook the sweet potatoes with onions and peppers till they are medium soft. Mix scrambled eggs, cheese and black beans together then put this mixture on tortilla to create the wrap. Also, to spice up the taste, you can add salsa and avocado. However, if someone would like to make this vegetarian they can avoid eggs.

Classic tacos:

Tacos have always been the top choice for a family brunch with everyone. In order to cook tacos in a professional way, one must fry minced beans along with onions and garlic while putting in your favorite seasoning. At this stage, consider adding diced tomatoes and cooking until the beans are tender. For extra moisture, you can place a lid on the skillet. Smear cheese, lettuce and salsa as a final touch.Turn off the mixture into crunchy taco shells. Alternatively, you can replace beans with your favorite vegetables and paneer to give an Indian touch to it.

Grilled vegetable sandwiches:

Grilled sandwiches are the best meal alternative that is fast enough to be made during breakfast and can contain a variety of tasty fillings. For making a vegetable sandwich, toast bread and put your favorite veggies(zucchini, bell peppers and onions) loaded with cheese. Cook the bread till it changes its color to golden and gets a crunchy texture. For a wholesome meal, you can have it for brunch by heating it and enjoying it with your favorite soup. Another option is having it with salad.

Banana oat pancakes:

This is a unique and different recipe, where we are using oats and bananas replacing it with flour. Smash bananas that are already ripe, and mix them with rolled oats, milk, cinnamon and eggs for the pancakes. One easy way to cook these pancakes is on the stovetop. Let it cook for a few minutes, and garnish it with some honey. It’s a healthy dish that your kids will also love. Serve the pancake with hot coffee or soup.


Quiche is a traditional French breakfast and it is complemented with herbs and cheese. For making this dish, first bake the base and then fill it with eggs, milk, and herbs. Cook the quiche until it becomes golden brown on top and is fully cooked from inside. To make a fulfilling meal, another salad bowl can be added besides it. An interesting idea for making small quiches is to use cupcake vase; this will be an ideal brunch option. In order to make it seem more thematic, use cookie cutters for each different holiday; like using pumpkin shaped cutters for Halloween, Christmas tree and snowman shaped ones for Christmas and more.

Avocado toast:

Avocado is a breakfast favorite and can be used in different ways as it becomes a new brunch contestant. Roast any bread until it is golden brown. Take an avocado and ripe, mash it. Add desired seasoning (salt, pepper, and chili flakes). Spread evenly on the surface of the toast. To make your meal healthier and enhance flavor, one can put some toppings, including fresh vegetables (onions, mushrooms, tomatoes), feta cheese, etc. It is a fantastic pick for individuals who want breakfast with various nutrients such as healthy fats and proteins. There are countless ways to make avocado toast; thus, it is ideal for brunch.

Walnut coffee cake:

The walnut coffee cake is an ideal treat for the new year’s celebration that you can have as brunch. You can prepare it with just a few items including walnuts, sugar, butter and flour. The cake has a rich topping of walnut streusel and it is soft from the inside. Blend the liquid and powder ingredients on their own and then fuse them together to bake it. Bake for a while till they come in golden brown color, above the streusel. It will be great to enjoy a cup of coffee during brunch.

To summarize, cherish the new beginnings with these10 brunch recipes and create a memorable brunch for your family and friends. On a positive note, let your loved ones savor the best dishes and spread happiness all around.


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