One of the most positive things in the world is becoming a parent. But parenting is more challenging than we think. We often believe that parenting is easy for celebrities. Because they have maids and servants to help them. Celebrities have hectic and stressed-out lives. They are constantly surrounded by media glare.

It is why parenting is one of the most challenging roles for them. But some celebrity has shown love for their children that could be an example for other parents. Here is some friendly advice from celebrity moms. It will make you feel less alone about having distinct fears and insecurities. 

Kajol Devgan

Kajol Devgan is one of the leading ladies of Indian cinema. She had a fiery, spunky image on the screen. In real life, she is a stickler for discipline. She had a daughter and a son, and she is very dedicated to them. She supervises all their homework and extracurricular activity progress.

According to Kajol Devgan, she had implemented a rule in her home: ‘ do as mom says. She does not like back-talking, rudeness, and disrespectful behaviour in her children.

Susmita Sen

Miss Universe, supermodel, and talented actress Susmita Sen is a single mom. She is a role model for all single mothers in India. She is doing a fantastic job of raising her children. Susmita Sen has two very gorgeous, adopted little girls. You can see her proudly moving in public with them. She gave them the love and warmth that only a mother can give. Susmita Sen is an excellent example of a hands-on mom. She is incredibly involved as a parent in her daughter’s life and education.

Suzzane Khan 

Suzzane khan is ex wife of Hrithik Roshan. The couple got divorced, but they did not let their issues affect their kids. Suzzane provides a perfectly balanced home life to her kids. She does allow her kids to use any improper behaviour in her house. She wants her kids to have a normal, uncomplicated childhood. According to her, children are like sponges, absorbing everything being said and done around them. So she always makes sure to give them a quiet, serene atmosphere.

Madhuri Dixit

We all know the diva of Indian cinema Madhuri Dixit. She is very conscious of the health of her family. She is strict about the diet of her children. She always ensures that her kids eat, exercise and go to bed on time. Madhuri Dixit, a glamorous diva, owns one of the most beautiful smiles. According to her, she is very particular about her kids brushing their teeth twice a day.


The veteran actress formed a friendly bond with her daughters. Her fun-loving attitude and the correct dose of discipline help her daughter grow kind. According to Sridevi, she always taught her children to be welcoming and courteous to everybody. Her two daughters have grown up to be lovely and down-to-earth young ladies.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a former miss world. She has a daughter with Abhishek Bachchan. You can see her daughter with her at airports, around Mumbai, and on red carpets. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan takes her daughter on the Cannes red carpet as well. Her parenting rules are simple.  According to Aishwarya, she does not force her daughter to do anything. She wants to be beside her daughters as her mom. Aishwarya wants her daughter to be happy and healthy and grow to be a secure person.

Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is an actress, author, film producer, and parent. She has a unique perspective on parenting. She allows her children to make mistakes and learn from them. She is always there for them when they reach out for help. According to Twinkle, she teaches her children to study hard and strive to succeed. Life is not about success, so it is okay to fail. They teach their children to accept themselves and seek help whenever needed.

Karisma Kapoor 

According to Karisma, all activities are suitable if done in moderation. She maintains boundaries with the kids. She even set up some rules which need to be revised. Regarding a parent-child relationship, Karisma supports the idea of honesty and transparency. Karisma advises parents to allow their kids to overindulge. Children who are raised as independent, cheerful, and intelligent beings will learn to deal with a situation.

Raveena Tandon

Regarding parenting, Raveena Tandon does not believe in following any rules. She believes that When raising your kid, one must act on instinct. Parents should know what is going to be suitable for their children. Raveena says a parent should appreciate and encourage a child’s understanding. She firmly believes that there are times when kids are wiser than adults. She advises that a parent has to be conscious of what is good and bad.

Sonali Bendre

With her unmistakable style, Sonali Bendre captures our hearts. As a gorgeous mother, she always prioritized being a hands-on mother. Sonali Bendre gives immense importance to being around her child. According to her, discipline and strictness are required to ensure that the child knows right and wrong.

Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao is married to Amir Khan, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful celebrities. Kiran Rao enjoys portraying herself as a calm and collected parent in relation to her kid. She does all in her power to ensure that her kid has a happy and healthy upbringing. She is in the process of gaining knowledge about the procedure on a daily basis. According to her, it is essential to have a positive outlook on one’s life and direct one’s attention towards the appropriate activities.


Celebrity mothers often have to juggle two demanding roles: that of a public figure and that of a parent. They courageously ignored the rumours and turmoil that surrounded their personal lives. They are succeeding in raising children who are joyful and self-assured. Even after leading such a busy lifestyle, they make time for their children. We hope that these suggestions for parents can help you bring out your own.



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