Why Aren’t Teens Reading the News, and How to Get Them to Start!

In today’s day and age, it is more important than ever for us to keep up with the news. With so many developments around the world, no one can afford to miss out on what’s happening in the news. Especially not young children and teenagers.

After all, these bright young minds are the leaders of tomorrow. To be leaders of tomorrow they need to be educated and sensitized about issues today. Many parents might not consider news important for their teens but the news is an integral part of a child’s education.

Teenage hood is a time of change. During these years, a child tries to develop their personality and contemplate their purpose in the world. That can prove to be quite daunting for youngsters.

A sense of what is going on in the world socially, environmentally, economically, and scientifically helps teens develop their opinions and attitudes towards it.

Why traditional news sources don’t work for teens

Indeed, traditional media in the form of newspapers isn’t popular with the newest generation. In this day and age where everything is a click away, it becomes a tedious task to read newspapers from end to end. Newspapers are also quite cluttered and overwhelming, making it difficult for youngsters to retain any information they read.

Many television news channels are unfit for teens and children. They can be extremely insensitive about certain issues and not every channel can boast of delivering impartial or bias-free news.

Why Aren't Teens Reading the News, and How to Get Them to Start!

The need to filter news for teens

The world we live in today is so well-connected. It’s never been so easy to keep up with the news! But at the same time, it’s never been so hard to filter out the news. Teenagers and adults alike are bombarded with news from social media and television.

There are so many sources and versions of news that it easily overwhelms and clutters the mind. Many times, there are fake news stories and clickbait that disguise themselves as actual news.

Social media as a source of news

Young teens are very tech-savvy these days. Social media is quite a big chunk of where teenagers gets their daily news. According to a Common-Sense Media report in 2020, 77% of teens today get news and headlines from social media. 33% of teens said they get news from celebrities, influencers and YouTubers.

While teens may prefer to get their news from them, nobody can really vouch for the integrity or the reliability of these “news sources”.

How to help your teen get involved with the news

To find the right source of news, your child will need your help and guidance. News needs to be packaged as a fun and dynamic news story. Teenagers feel more comfortable reading news when they can connect with the story and understand its impact on them.

Teens should be encouraged to spend 10-15 minutes on a news site daily. This can really help evolve your child’s interests. You can even discuss the breaking news story of the day at the dinner table with them.

The Takeaway

In order to remain sharp and aware, teens need to have all the information at their fingertips. Luckily for teens, and parents like you, there are dedicated news sites like Newsahoot for teenagers and younger children.

Youngsters are the young opinion leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. They often feel a great deal of empathy for others and readily commit themselves to causes that will change the world. All they need is a push in the right direction from you, to help them achieve their full potential.

Why Aren't Teens Reading the News, and How to Get Them to Start!


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