Home maintenance may initially appear difficult and scary. The outcomes are usually satisfying, though! Long-term financial savings might come from routine residential cleaning. Even without prior knowledge, you can generally complete house maintenance tasks on your own.

But we recognize that these duties could seem burdensome, particularly if you’re a first-time homeowner. Keeping track of items while juggling other responsibilities in your life can be challenging.

Few Common House Caring Tips: 

Fix A Shaky Shower Head

Pulling back the flange and putting some expanding foam in the space surrounding the shower arm are quick fixes for loose pipes coming out of shower walls. The substance will fill the space and maintain the pipe in place while it dries, removing any wobble.

Hush Down the Floors

Squeaky floors, whether under the carpet or a hardwood floor, can be a major annoyance in your home. Use a stud finder to locate a floor joist close to the squeak, and then a drill to drive a low-profile trim screw through the carpet and pad and into solid wood to stop noises under the carpet. If it continues to make noise, drive in further.

Basic Home Maintenance Tips

It’s even easier for wood floors. Just liberally dust talcum powder into the cracks close to the squeak. The noises should stop if you scatter the powder about and get it down into the cracks with a broom. You can then work more calmly from home.

Keep Your Door Hinges Quietly

You can stop door hinges from squealing by spraying oil like WD-40 into the center of the hinge. If it doesn’t work, try using a screwdriver and hammer to roughly raise the hinge pin halfway, then lubricate it with something like 3-in-1 oil. Your sound ought to be eliminated if you tap the door again and then swing it back and forth.

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Scrub Scrapes Away

Hard-soled shoe usage may eventually cause hardwood floors to accumulate a lot of scuffs, but there is a creative approach to remove them: Tennis balls in use. If you massage the ball aggressively over any scratches, the felt-like surface will swiftly remove them. For back-saving polishing, if you don’t feel like going down on your hands and knees, carve a little X into one side and then stick a broom handle into it.

Make Your Bathtub Shine

Any tub may start to seem stained and worn after a few years of regular usage due to the minerals in the water, debris, and dead skin cells. Instead of using harsh chemicals, create a paste by combining equal parts of lemon juice, baking soda, and cream of tartar (located in the spice aisle of your grocery store). Rub the solution into the spots, wait approximately an hour, and then rinse.

Basic Home Maintenance Tips

Eliminate Water Spots

Brown water rings on drywall from roof or ceiling leaks can be covered up with paint, but try spraying them with a solution of 10 percent bleach and water first. Usually, if you wait 24 hours, those unattractive brown spots will be gone. Most stains on flat or popcorn ceilings will disappear with this method; however, be careful around your eyes and anything else that could get bleach in them.

Repair Minor Drywall Dents

Your home’s walls will inevitably acquire a few holes from the hanging of mirrors or photos. This is unpleasant since the drywall has unsightly holes all over it that make it difficult to alter things. Fortunately, it’s a simple fix—just grab some spackle from the hardware store and slap it in the hole. Then, let any holes disappear by lightly sanding and painting after it has dried. Maybe this is one of the most important houses maintenance tips.

Basic Home Maintenance Tips

Glue A Seam In The Wallpaper

Reactivate the paste around any seams fraying with a towel dipped in warm water. To give yourself more room for the sealer, carefully widen the gap after holding the rag over the area for a few minutes. Roll the paper against the wall and apply seam sealer (in a pinch, white glue would do) to the gap. Make use of a sponge to remove the extra sealant.

Fix A Leaking Hose

Repairing leaky hoses is a wise choice because hoses only tend to last a few seasons before springing a leak and aren’t inexpensive. In addition, it doesn’t matter if water is dripping from the connector or somewhere in the middle of the hose; all you have to do is cut off (or remove) the leaky portion and reattach it with the new hardware. Hose repair kits and parts are readily available at hardware stores.

Create Flawless Caulk Lines

If you’ve ever painted anything, you know how important it is to take the time to lay painter’s tape before adding color to ensure a neat and polished effect. But you may also apply this approach whenever you need to apply new caulk. But remember that, unlike with paint, you must remove the tape before the caulk dries.


We all want our homes to be maintained properly, but very few of us can do it. So here we have shared some home maintenance tips to help you.


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