Rakshabandhan is near and you might be searching for gift ideas, right? Being an elder sister is like being a responsible mother who could guide, be friends, help and fix things for her younger brother.

Your little ones would be demanding a rakhi which would portray their favourite cartoon character, a design that they want or something which is in trend, right? Every brother-sister relationship is unique in its way; you love, you fight, you complain, you support and whatnot. This rakhi why not plan to surprise your brother by getting the best gifts for your brother?

Here are the 10 best rakhi gift ideas for your younger brother, choose the best for him.

rakhi gift ideas for your younger brother

Chocolates, Sweets and Dry fruits

If you have a brother who’s foody enough, then the best that you could gift him is a variety of chocolates, sweets and dry fruits. On rakhi gifting sweets has been a tradition, so why not follow the same instead of getting confused? Being an elder sister you might be aware of your brother’s choice, right? So just go and get his favourites for him; and if you don’t know then it’s high time to know more about his choice, ask other people in the family about what he likes before you gift him. Even if you are in another part of the world technology can help you with the same, so place an order to surprise your brother.


Searching for gifts for your brother? Let your search stop for the same because here we have the best idea for you. Dresses, yes; dresses are never a bad option to gift anyone unless you are unaware of the size. But here in this case, who knows your younger brother better than you? So get a funky T-shirt, a trendy shirt or maybe an indo- western kurta for your brother. This might solve yours as well as your younger brother’s problem too because all the boys are always so confused while they shop for themselves. So this rakhi gifts them something that they need in their wardrobe.


Gifting a watch is always the best idea, a maximum number of boys are fond of having a great watch collection. Watch is something that can range from a lesser amount to as high as your budget is. So why not gift time to your brother?

Wallet or belt

Having a younger brother is like having a support system. Do you have a younger brother who is younger than you but young enough to deserve something smart? If yes, then what can be a better option than gifting a wallet or belt? A gift should be something that could ease things out for the ones whom you are gifting so while gifting you should notice the needs of the person or something that they are fond of.

Musical instrument

Is your brother a musician or likes to play music? If yes, then why are you thinking of different gifts for your brother, gifting him a musical instrument would be the best thing. A guitar, piano, mouth organ and any other instrument that he likes can be a good and beneficial idea for gifting him.

Books and stationery

Books are good for all aged people, you can choose a variety of books depending upon the level of reading which is suitable for your brother’s age. Books and stationery as useful as well as easier to choose while gifting. You can choose a fictional or maybe a non-fictional book while you gift it to your brother depending upon what he likes. You can also choose to gift him stationery products if he is quite younger and goes to school. Because such kinds of gifts are forever in use, it is the simplest and most affordable thing you can get for gifting your brother.

Photo frames and Mugs

A photo frame with a picture of you and your brother or maybe a mug with both of your pictures can be a cuter idea when choosing gifts for your brother. Mugs and photo frames are good for all aged people, so while gifting these kinds of stuff you need not think a lot, a little effort would make everything possible.

Grooming products

A growing boy or you can call them a man, is always in need of grooming products. So what can be better than gifting your teenage or young brother with a trimmer, shaving kit, or maybe some skincare or hair care products? Taking care of oneself and being groomed up is what everyone wants so if you gift them grooming products then they might use them and it will be worth spending.


Fond of travelling or maybe your brother is planning to get a backpack for a trip? Then gift him the same before he goes and gets it. Backpacks or maybe school bags depending on your brother’s needs and requirements are a better idea rather than gifting anything that they don’t need. Backpacks are useful at all times, they can be good for a student studying in a college away from his city, or maybe for someone who is working in the other city, or they can also be helpful for people who like to travel.

Lamps and lights

Lamps and lights are so beautiful, nowadays silicone lights, neon lights and a variety of lamps are so much in trend. So why are you confused while choosing gifts for your brother? Get him a neon light of his name or maybe a football silicone light whichever suits and would be loved by him more. Lamps are also available in different sizes and shapes which can be good for your brother’s house or room decor, or it can also be helpful for him while studying so while you get him any such thing always remember the purpose and use of the stuff you are gifting to your brother.

rakhi gift ideas for your younger brother


The relationship between younger brother and elder sister is as cute as a fluffy teddy bear. If you have a younger brother you might get irritated sometimes but at some point in time, you will also feel loved. A younger brother is someone who stands by your side when the world gets against you, he is the one who turns and acts like an elder one while he is growing. This Rakhi, gift your brother with something unique or maybe something that you need. Above were the 10 best rakhi gift ideas for your younger brother, amongst all of them choose the best gifts for your brother.


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