Going back to school after Covid is like a new thing for all students and their parents as well. Two years ago, their world turned upside down as the dangerous virus spread like fire worldwide. Since then, all of us have learned so many things. We have adopted some good habits as well.

So, now, the school also should adopt some tools to use. They should take some safety steps this year like vaccination, masking, washing hands, physical distancing, and staying at home when sick. It will be good if students will follow all the rules as it will give them safety.

Some safety steps

As students are our future, so we must protect them with some safety measures which will provide a layer of protection for them. Some of the safety measures that should be followed are

• Vaccination
Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. It should be taken to prevent hospitalization, serious illness, and death. Booster shots are recommended for kids from the age of 12 to adults. So, everyone who is eligible for the vaccine should get it as soon as possible.

• Masks
Wearing masks is important in schools and congested areas. Make sure your mask fits snugly and covers your nose and mouth properly.

• Physical distancing
Going back to school after covid, students must stay at least three feet from other students at school. But, when students are eating or in an auditorium, it is better to stay at least six feet away from one another.

• Wash hands
Students should wash their hands more frequently when at school. They need to use sanitizer or hand wash or soap to clean their hands. Before eating anything, they must wash their hands properly.

• Stay at home when necessary
Try to stay at home when it is needed. If you feel sick at school immediately tell the teachers.

Some safety tips for parents

It is hard to avoid all of the risks and besides the coronavirus has not gone yet and the new variant is most dangerous than the original one. So, parents should take some steps as well to save their children from the dangerous virus. Such as:
• Consult with a doc if your child is having any kind of symptoms like a fever as the virus has not gone yet properly. If they tested positive then isolate them at home.

• Some schools are now offering screening tests for those who feel healthy and have no known exposure to the coronavirus to see if they are affected without realizing it.

• Make meals at home. Do not buy any food from outside for your child.

• Make sure your child is wearing their mask properly before heading outside.

• Make sure to limit your child’s exposure to those who are not vaccinated.

• Try to get your child’s vaccination done before going back to school after covid.

If the students follow these steps, then they can save themselves from this dangerous virus.


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