Instead of buying him a standard Father’s Day present, consider taking him on a trip tailored to his preferences. When planning a short vacation, the traveler can keep things simple or tailor them to include just the activities they want to do. Select one of these seven activities that will enable you to spend quality time together and do something you both find enjoyable. So without any delay let’s check out tips to Take Your Dad on a Trip This Father’s Day.

Onward and upward

WelcomeHeritage In Elysium, Shimla’s famous hill station is seen in a new light. In contrast to Shimla’s well-known colonial architecture and influences, Elysium offers a new perspective on the hill station’s history through the prism of modern elegance and contemporary conveniences. Guests at Elysium Resort get a unique perspective of Shimla, the beautiful green valley, and the majestic temples of the region.

Take a guided stroll to uncover some old temples and the British influences that remain in this once summer capital’s shopping road and bazaar.

Tropical locations need the use of these items

Brunton Boatyard is the best venue to learn about Fort Kochi’s unique history. Fort Kochi has always been valued for commerce, sanctuary, the native spices, especially the Black Gold, or selected as ‘home’ by numerous travelers. The Fort Kochi waterfront is the inspiration for this historic hotel situated in the heart of the city. There is a rich cultural story in the colonial architecture and local aesthetics or the heady combination of numerous cuisines. All contemporary conveniences are included in the city’s sea-facing rooms and suites, including the windows adjacent to the lovely bathtubs that front the ocean. Regarding a Kochi experience, few guys would want to miss Brunton Boatyard.

For the multigenerational, slow-paced, and environmentally conscious lifestyle

Periyar National Park is only a few minutes drive from Spice Community in Thekkady, an eco-living experience that reimagines a traditional tribal village. Everything spicy, from the local community’s hyperlocal experiences to the environment’s raw energy, is celebrated during this retreat. Multigenerational visitors, including the elderly, will like this property since it offers the atmosphere of misty hills and woodland with a mild temperature and an easy-to-walk setting. People of all ages, hobbies and fitness levels may enjoy a wide range of activities in the area. It was a wonderful family trip.

This is the place to go for those who like the great outdoors and outdoor pursuits.

An excellent area of plains, mountains, valleys, and forest awaits discovery behind a cloud barrier. There are various colors of green in Wayanad Wild, located near the boundary of the forest reserve and is home to an abundance of wildlife. A naturalist, author, and general manager of the lodge, David Raju, will lead you on a journey of the Nilgiris Biosphere (one of the few ‘HotSpot’ biospheres in the world) in Wayanad Wild. It’s perfect for dads and kids who want to spend time together learning about the region’s native birds, arthropods, and amphibians. The nighttime woodland exploration is a must-do for visitors.


In the run-up to Father’s Day, we are sure that your thoughtful preparations have already yielded a thoughtful present for your dad and an appropriate Instagram caption to go with it. With that in mind, if you’ve run out of Father’s Day activities to help you build new memories with your most important man, we have precisely what you need.


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