The human immunity system is extremely important. Its importance has even increased after Covid-19 hit the world. We understood how important it is to keep our immunity boosted. Well, more than adults, immunity is super important for toddlers. Toddlers are delicate and vulnerable. They catch infections easily. The immunity system is the only way to keep them healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases. When your toddler’s immunity system is high, it will easily be able to recognize pathogens like viruses and bacteria and will automatically develop protection against them.

Foods With High Immunity Boost

There are medicines that doctors prescribe that help to keep the immunity system high. There are some Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddler too that will help to maintain your toddler’s immunity system. Here is a list of some delicious foods that you can give your toddlers. This will help to increase the immunity level of your little ones.

  1. Berries

Kids, in general, love this cute-looking round fruit. Berries are, however, loaded with antioxidants that help to boost your munchkin’s immunity system. You can add these for morning breakfast as well as use these for smoothies. Whatever you do, your little one is going to love it for sure.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C. This is one of the most important Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddler. The best thing is that your kid will love it. Try giving a class of orange juice to your toddler in a day. This will be magical for the little one’s immunity system.

  1. Green Vegetables

This might be a little tough to stuff into your toddler’s mouth but green leafy vegetables are one of the best Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddler. Even if they do not love it, you will have to make sure they eat it.

  1. Root Vegetables

These kinds of vegetables are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vegetables like beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes are excellent for the respiratory system. Use these in the stew that you make for your toddler. You can also simply roast these and give them to them.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms play a major role in boosting your toddler’s immunity system. There are various kinds of mushrooms that you can choose from. These are delicious and you can make a lot of preparations using these. Your kids are going to love this for sure.

  1. Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are in general rich in Vitamin E. Thus, these serve as Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddler. You can give these to your kids anytime you wish to. You can add them with breakfast cereals or give them to them just like that when they are hungry.

  1. Yogurt

Bacteria help to fight against bacteria. You will get no better example for this other than yogurt. Yogurt consists of gut bacteria which helps to fight the other bad bacteria. Thus, making yogurt one of the best Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddler.


Children are extremely vulnerable. They are prone to catching a cold and coughing easily. This becomes even worse if they do not have a good enough immune system to fight the bacteria. These foods will help your munchkin to fight the diseases and will keep them safe.


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