What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of journaling? A lazy afternoon when you open your diary to jot down some random thoughts? Well, to your surprise journaling is a lot more than that. Journaling habit is something that not only helps you shape your thoughts but also brings discipline to your lifestyle. Writing an effective journal have many positive outcomes and also improves your life in many aspects.

Writing improves mental health

You might be taken aback thinking how can writing a journal help your mental health. For you, writing a journal is mostly putting some words in your diary so how can it help your mental health. To help you understand better let us illustrate this. When you write down something, it is actually better than speaking. You have no listener, you have no fear to be judged or there is no fear of cross-question. You write down your state of mind or whatever you want to at that point in time. This will boost your mood, increase your sense of wellbeing, and reduce depression. Writing helps us process and understand life events better. It also accelerates the best emotion within us assuring better mental health.

Benefits of a journal

The most helpful side of having a practice of writing journals is that it helps you go through your anxiety problems. Writing calms you down. Hence when you are undergoing anxiety and depression issues in your life, make sure you in build the habit of writing a journal. A journal helps you learn about your thought process in a much better way. Fix a time of the day, when you want to write, make it a practice to come down at the same time every day. Writing helps you let go your negative thoughts, it relaxes your mind.

What should you write down

There should not be any particular topic that you must focus on while journaling. If you are writing the journal at the end of the day, write about everything that happened with you that day. It can be a very small incident or might be something major. Try to capture everything in your journal before going to bed. This is the best time to write a journal daily. Before you close your day, you put everything in your journal. This trains your mind saying nothing bad is carried forwarded the nest day. You have left everything inside your journal. You are stepping into a better tomorrow.

A journal can be a life changer

once you develop this habit of writing a journal daily you will start seeing the positive side to it real soon. Writing makes you patient and also happy. You will be organized, you will have a friend without any fear of losing him ever. You will have someone who will listen to you always no matter what. It helps you fight your mental struggles and grows self-awareness. It will help you stop overthinking some issues which otherwise would have been a difficult process.


In this busy world, when we are surrounded by technology it is very important that we go back to our roots. Imagine life before some years when we had a diary and not mobile in our hands. Life was simple and easier. Well, you can still get back to that era with your journaling activity. To maintain a balance in your life and increase positivity in your life you must start with the practice of writing a journal. It will inspire you each day to become one of your favorite individuals.


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