Sattu is a very popular flour throughout the country. You can make this flour using pulses and cereals. Many people consume this regularly as part of their daily routine. So, you can have this as a drink, sweet, bread, or any kind of form. Streetside vendors are famous for selling this in the summer.

It has several health benefits and provides nutritious value to your body. Consuming this will help you increase core strength and body muscle.

Not only health benefits but you can also make various lip-smacking recipes by using this flour.

So, here we are going to discuss the health benefits and Four top types of recipes for this flour:


Sattu is highly nutritious flour. So, it offers many health benefits.

Let’s find out these benefits:

Weight Loss:

This is highly effective in weight loss due to its high fiber and low calories. If you consume this in the morning on an empty stomach, it helps burn off the extra fat. It increase metabolism, reduces bloating, and helps in weight loss.

Cooling Effect:

Summer always makes your energy level low and you feel tired and dull during that time. So, this drink is the best thing that satisfies your thirst and provides you exact nutrients that you need in the hot summer. It contains a rich amount of fiber, minerals, carbs, and other nutrients. That helps to reduce the extra body heat and increases the energy.

Effect On Skin:

Consuming this regularly helps you to enhance the natural glow of your skin. It contains iron and many substances that increase glow and hydrate your skin. It also provides nutrition to the hair follicles and strengthens them.

Muscle Weight:

It is good for gaining muscle and bulking up yourself. Therefore, many gym trainers instruct people to consume it regularly.

Blood Pressure Controle:

These drinks have low sodium, so it helps maintain your blood pressure and blood flow circulation. So, drink it every day to keep your blood pressure in check.

For Weight Gain:

Not only for weight loss, but you can also use it for weight gain. it reduces the extra fat but increases muscle growth and body mass which helps to increase your optimum weight. So, drink this with milk regularly to have protein and good carbs effect on your boy that eventually helps your body mass gain.

Good For Diabetes:

It is beneficial for diabetes patients. The index shows its low-glycemic nature that controls the sugar level in your blood. So, drinking chilled drinks made out of this keeps your blood sugar in check.

Digestion Effect:

It has insoluble fiber. So, it scrubs out the colon and reduces acidity, swelling, and clogging factors. It also cures irritability and stomach burn. Consuming it regularly in the morning helps your stomach function and digestive tract to work smoothly. It improves bowel movement and stool frequency which reduces constipation problems.

Reducing Toxins:

This is naturally a detoxifying agent. It eliminates toxic substances from the body and it helps to increase immunity.

Energy Boost:

It has a high amount of iron that increases the oxygen in red blood cells level in your body and provides energy. It also contains substances that boost our immunity.


Sattu flower is a very flexible product to make various mouthwatering delicacies. So, here we are going to discuss 5 kinds of sattu recipes that people often make using this flour:

1. Sattu Bread Recipes:

People throughout the country make various types of bread dishes using this. Let’s find out the top five sattu-bread dishes:

  • Sattu-paratha is quite popular among people. You can easily make it by using flour, water, spices, and this flour. It is normal paratha with this stuffing inside and that makes it more delicious.
  • Many people love sattu-kachori more than paratha. It is quite popular in households and it is commonly used as a breakfast. You can make the dough using water, normal flower, and this flour and deep fry it before serving.
  • Sattu-khasta is almost similar but it is quite fancy comparing kachoris. It has a more crunch factor that makes it even tastier and popular for serving with alu ki sabzi (potato curry). It is not usual daily household foot. So, people eat this on holidays and weekends at home or outdoors.
  • Sattu-roti is a very common dish that people consume regularly. You can make small dough balls with water, a little amount of salt, and flour. Then make a flare bread using wooden rolls and the palms of your hand. Finally, cock it on a pan (specifically an iron pan).
  • Sattu-cheela is a very healthy recipe that is commonly used for breakfast. This is really an easy-to-make recipe. Use water, this flour, and desired spice and make an almost watery thin batter. Then pour the batter on a non-stick pan and cook it by flipping the sides until it is ready to serve. You can serve it with Curries and chutneys.

2. Beverage Recipes:

These drinks are considered healthy all over the country and people consume them regularly, especially in the summertime. Here we are going to discuss the top five beverages that you can make using this flour:

  • Sattu-sharbat is very popular in this country but especially in the north and east regions. It prevents heat strokes by cooling your body so it is quite popular in the summer. So, you can see many paddlers, street shops, and vendors that are selling this sharbat in the summertime. You can easily make it in your home just using water, this flour, salt, and lemon. It contains manganese, iron, magnesium, other minerals, and a low amount of sodium. So, this drink is very beneficial for your body. Therefore drink this sharbat in summer instead of any packaged or soft drinks
  • Sattu-spice-drink is also a similar kind of drink. It has more spices, sweetness, tanginess, and a thinner consistency. So, you can test a sweet, sour, and spice at the same time and experience the southing texture.
  • Mango-sattu-drink is fancier than other drinkes drinks. You can make this using this flour and mango juice. It has many nutritious effects.
  • A Sattu-milkshake is also a very healthy breakfast dish. It is a very simple recipe. Use milk, honey, and this flour to make it. It has many health benefits.

3. Sweet Recipes:

People use sadhu to make these sweets:

  • Sattu-laddu is a very popular dessert and easy to make. You can make this using this flour, jaggery powder, desi ghee, and cardamom powder. However, it only takes 15 minutes but it tests delicious.
  • Sattu-ki-barfi is also a popular dish. People use this flour, sugar, and nuts to make this squire delicacy.

You can find many other regional sweets all over the country where it is the hero ingredient.

4. Halwa Recipes:

  • Sattu-halwa is a quite commonly used food in the east, north, and middle regions. People who like sweets love this dish. It is quite popular among pregnant women and it has many nutritious values.
  • Sattu-lapsi is also a famous dish. Especially villagers consume this dish on daily basis. You can make this easy-to-make recipe at your home by using sugar, cuts, and draining. On the other hand, you can use it as a stuffing in parathas and kachoris.

5. Snakes Recipes:

This is commonly used to make snakes. So, let’s talk about these snakes:

  • Sattu-Kathi is a very popular snack that people love to eat with chai. You can make this by frying thin and watery dough.
  • Hot and crispy onion fritters are very popular in this country. Adding this flour instead of common flour in the onion fritter recipe makes it way tastier. So, make sattu-onion fritters if you haven’t tried them yet.
  • Dahi ka kebab is one of the best veg starters out there. People use this flour to make this dish. It has a very soft texture and melts when you put it in the mouth.


You can make a variety of lip-smacking dishes and beverages using this. In the addition, these tasty sattu-recipes also have several health benefits and nutritious values that make this an all-rounder product. So, add sattu to your daily diet, if you want to consume healthy and tasty food at the same time.


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