The Coronavirus has come into our lives like a bolt from the blue. It has put a full stop on all our routine activities, be it going to work or visiting relatives. There are some covid protocols in place that need to be followed in letter and spirit. Social distancing, strict hygiene practices, and mask-wearing are mandatory till we achieve herd immunity.

Let us say these are tough times for anyone be it toddlers or teens or adults. There are some foods to improve immunity in toddlers and adults as well. But these are not protective shields as they only strengthen the immune system. It is also necessary to prescribe healthy eating habits for kids and adults to fight the Covid, and for healthy eating, you may also go through the Healthy Eating Tips for Kids. So, eating appropriate foods and that too in prescribed limit is very important for the sake of everyone’s health. The Coronavirus has drastically altered the daily routines of people. In such a critical scenario, it has become important to keep a healthy lifestyle. Though no foods or dietary supplements can keep you safe from COVID-19 infection, however by following a healthy diet we can beef up our immune system to tackle the disease.

Tips for A Healthy Eating Tips During the Pandemic

Create a diverse food menu

Each day consume a variety of diverse foods such as wheat, maize, rice, lentils, beans etc. It is also pertinent to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that are seasonal. Also opt for foods sourced from animals such as meat, fish, eggs, and milk. These things are vital in maintaining a balanced diet.

Stay away from spurious liquor

Alcohol can never be a part of a healthy diet as it leaves you high and dry, literally. There is misinformation that certain types of alcohol are good to fight the Covid virus, but these are mere gibberish talks. However, unlicensed or spurious liquor with harmful chemicals can trigger off serious complications, so stay away from the same as well.

Follow adequate food hygiene

COVID-19 happens to be a respiratory virus and not a food-borne disease. So far no evidence has linked the disease to food purchased from outside. But, it’s in your best interest to follow proper food hygiene such as clean and properly cooked food. It is also vital to keep food at safe temperatures and utilize clean water and raw materials to keep foodborne illnesses at bay.

Keep a check on the intake of salt

It is advisable to utilize less salt during cooking and preparing food, and it is highly desirable to use iodized salt. If possible do away with the salt shaker at the table, and opt for fresh or dried herbs and spices to bring some flavour. Excessive usage of salt can weaken your immune system and the fight against Covid.

Try to have Green Tea

Well, we all know the myriad benefits of having green tea and it is extremely helpful to keep Covid 19 at bay. Green tea consists of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can keep your immune system robust.

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