“Mom, I don’t want to have bhindi today. Where is my burger?” Mummy why did you make lauki? I dont like it”. We as moms are used to these kinda phrases. There are times (almost everyday) when we have to sacrifice our choices of food for our family and that’s quite a normal thing. Kids these days are more habitual of eating junk food which in turn develop many health problems lately. So, building a healthy relationship with food is necessary.

Encouraging kids to eat healthy food is a lifelong journey and it begins around the dining table when he is still a child. Kids are picky eater and no matter what’s on the menu, every parent seems to worry about them. Unhealthy eating habits harm their physical and mental development so practicing healthy eating in front of kids in important. Parents need to be extra pateince with their children’s growing taste buds and this is the most challenging part.

To encourage a positive mindset in a little one’s eating habits, here are some child parenting tips to bring healthy mealtimes.

1. Talk about food : Having a converstaion about food and its benefits is necessary. Instead of discussing some TV show or a movie, talk about food around the dining table. Open a line of communication about positive eating habits with children. A child gives signal about hunger when he is infant. With a clean plate club mentality, kids will resist and some kids will follow the rules to please their parents. This way they will teach their body to eat more food. These habits let a child to deny their internal signals and rely on external indicators for how and when to eat which spoil their relationship with food.

2. Offer them variety of options: Giving your children a variety of food and flavors throughout the week makes it easy to foster positive relationship with food. Variety is the champion of expanding the appetite. If your toddler loves chicken nuggets and butter noodles, introducing something new suddenly might be a risk. But children are pretty good at eating on their own when food is served with lots of variety. They love to experiment and enjoy food.

3. Teach them to cook : Cooking is an excellent option to let kids explore a variety of ingredients and flavors. As children reach school age, they typically participate in cooking and baking as their curiosity for food increases. Involving them in kitchen and letting them do simple things like stirring or throwing an ingredient may help developing tastebuds.

4. Be a role model : Setting up the perfect example in front of children is the most crucial step in fostering positive food habits. Parents should reflect on their own relationship with food. If parents have a healthy relationship with food, it will reflect onto their children.Unhealthy eating habits in adults can make it difficult for children to accept a positive relationship with food. Avoiding the mentality of good versus bad foods can also be an important step in a child’s food journey.

Want to make your kids healthier you should try to provide them a portion of healthy food that will help them to boost their immunity. For more details about Immunity Boosting, Tips For Kids follow the given link.


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