We all have adpated the new normal of wearing masks and sanitizing our hands regularly. But have you ever thought of those tiny humans who have just stepped into this amazing world. Babies can not put on masks, neither they can wash their hands often. And above all, they need extra care and protection from winters. What can be done to protect them from this endless spread of virus and germs everyday? We adults think that getting sick is in their job description. But that’s not the case. They enter the world with an inexperienced immune system and slowly grow their immunity power by battling the demons of germs and viruses. But if we follow some basic Immunity boosting tips for kids, we can boost the immune system of our babies and protect them from getting sick.

Adopt these healthy habits to prevent your child’s sickdays

1. Lots of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are said to be the best source of nutrients and vitamins. Include carrots, beans, oranges, papayas and apples in your children daily diet. They contain carotenoids which are immunity boosting phytonutrients. These phytonutrients are known to increase white blood cells in body which fight viruses. A diet rich in phytonutrients also protects babies from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Serve your child atleast one serving of fruits and veggies twice a day to boost his immunity.

2. Breast feeding: Mother’s milk is considered to be a blessing for babies. It contains immunity boosting anti-bodies and white blood cells. It guards your baby against ear infections, allergies, insulin dependent daibetes and certain forms of cancer. The yellow premilk which is also known as colostrum that flows during the first few days is rich is disease fighting anti-bodies. It is recommended to breast feed babies exclusively for the first six months and if not, the first three months shall be done.

3. Healthy Bed Routine : Sleep deprivation makes us more susceptible to illness and reduce the natural killer cells. The same is for kids. Studies have shown that children who go to daycare are more prone to get ill as they do not have time to take naps. An infant needs upto 16 hours of sleep, a toddler needs 11-13 hours and a preschooler needs 9-11 hours of sleep per day. Maintaining a healthy bed routine boosts immunity of babies and makes them strong.

4. Daily exercise routine : Workouts are beneficial for both kids and adults. Instead of forcing them to go out and play with friends, make an exercise routine with your children. It increases the number of natural killers and boosts immunity. Be a role model to get your kids into a lifelong habit of working out. Indulge in activities like basketball, swimming, tennis and skating with your kid.

5. Maintain good hygiene: Make sure your kids wash their hands regularly. Practice good hygiene by paying attention to their before and after meal habits. Ask them to clean their hands after blowing their nose, playing and using bathroom. Carry a bunch of wipes when you go out for a quick cleanup.


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