With Diwali approaching closer day by day, our excitement levels are heading up likewise. The festival of lights brings fun and togetherness. Remember the times when we were kids, diwali was so much fun. The same is for our little ones too! They are waiting to celebrate the most awaited festival with sweets, new clothes and lots of delightful crackers. It brings lights and happiness to our lives but only if we stay safe.

On turning the page you may realize that Diwali is the time of many injuries ans accidents as well. Fire departments, police and hospitals are on constant alert during Diwali. Hence it is necessary for all the parents to follow all the safety precautions and take complete care of their kids.

Safety Tips for celebrating Diwali

To be safe during diwali, parents should know the nuances of fireworks safety for children. The major cause of accidents during diwali is the mishandling of crackers. Parents should bring fireworks according to the child’s age and must supervise them while lighting the crackers. You never know even the most innocent sparklers and flowerpots may cause serious injuries. Every parent must be aware of the basic do’s and dont’s. So, we are here to guide you on some activities to do on Diwali & tips for a happy and safe Diwali.

Do’s during Diwali
● Always buy fireworks from a government licensed shop.
● Keep them in a closed safety box, out of children’s reach.
● Always store them away from fire.
● Follow all the instructions and safety measure written on the box before lighting them.
● Burst crackers only in open space like a playground or fields.
● Ensure to place rockets in the upward direction before lighting them.
● Light crackers from an arm’s length distance and not any closer.
● Keep the first aid kit handy in case of any emergency.
● Make sure kids are wearing footwear while lighting the crackers.
● Ensure that your kids wear light weight and cotton clothes to avoid catching of fire.
● Keep your vehicles away from fire crackers in the garage.

Dont’s during Diwali
● Dont light fire crackers in crowded place or narrow lanes.
● Dont let your kids burst crackers in your absence.
● Dont keep crackers in your pockets or bags.
● Do not wait for the cracker to burst if they are lit. Let it go and burst a new one.
● Dont light crackers while holding them in your hands. Always keep a safe distance from the cracker while lighting.
● Avoid loose clothes as they can catch fire quickly. Do not wear clothes of silk or synthetic material.
● Do not lit multiple firecrackers at once.
● Keep diyas and candles away from curtains.
● Do not burst crackers on roads as it may cause accidents.

You and your kid can have a good time while celebrating the festival by following simple safety tips. Consider going for an eco friendly Diwali with no crackers to teach your kids that the festive season can be fun and environment friendly too!! Be safe and follow all the precautions.


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