We all get so busy while prepping up for Diwali that we forget spending time with our near and dear ones. Many of us get caught up in stressful activities and long days of work. But, not to worry. Good news!! Festive occasions are on the way and it is the right time to dedicate your attention and time to your family and loved ones. Diwali is the time to cherish the spirit of season with the entire family.

Here is the list some activities that you and your entire family can take part in together to make the fesitval more joyful.

1. Plan a road trip: If you are a travel freak, then planning a road trip with your family is a wonderful way to cure the bug. This Diwali, take your dear ones to a nearest location for a night out to see the sights and sounds of the festive season. This would be a good idea to have quality time with your family. Explore the different culture and see how the festival is celebrated in a different city.

2. Decorate the house together: You can have a great time while lighting and decorating the house with your folks. This activity is really fun as you get an ample amount of time to talk, to eat and beautify the home. Lamp the diyas, make some beautiful rangolis, and set up candles together. Not only you get good times but you can have an array of creative ideas for all the family members.

3. Cook together: If you love to eat and your family is a foodie then the best way to celebrate the festival is to prepare a meal together. We all know that Diwali is the occasion of feasting and munching on delicious sweets and savories. Getting the whole family involved in the kitchen to cook these treats is the best option. You all can choose one of your favorite dish and the whole family can get involved in the kitchen to prepare the selected dishes.

4. Visit friends: Be social this Diwali. Get together with neighbors, relatives and other friends. Have an enjoyable experience and have a social meeting. The festival’s real spirit lies in sharing it with others. Visit your friends and share the joy of occasion with them.

5. Go shopping: Diwali is the festival when we all buy new clothes and decoratives. If you are planning to go on shopping, take your family together with you. Take a trip to the nearest mall or sweet shop with your folks to pick the favorite sweet. Head to the store together so that you all can buy apparels of your choice.

Diwali is a festival that brings families together. It sparks excitement in both adults and children. Family is one of the most important festivals and everyone likes to celebrate it with their family. We hope you are going to have a great time enjoying these activities. Do let us know how are you going to celebrate this festival with your family and share your experiences.

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