Are you going to get married soon and need those perfect lingerie to blow your husband’s mind away? With your wedding date coming closer, it’s time to plan something sexy for your honeymoon as it is the most awaited time for every couple. The thrill and the excitement of going on a romantic time as a married couple is on heights. It really doesn’t matter you have had sex with your partner before or it’s your first time, the newness of being addressed as a couple is attached with it. To spice your honeymoon time, we are here with some sexy lingerie options.

1. The dramatic cut: An irresistible option for lingerie set. A geometric, dramatic cut out lingerie set is all that you need for the romantic first night. You could go for any sort you like, a braletter or a sheer bra.

2. Go sheer: Just a thin lining of net, bare and nude, sheer bras are one of a kind.Bare it all with your inner confidence in a nice red or black shade of sheer lingerie set on your big night!

3. The magical necklines: Front open bras, plunging necklines or balconettes are insanely sexy. Necklines accentuate your curves and that’s what a romantic night calls for.

4. Charming Bodysuits: If you want to tease your man with minimal but full clothing, pack some bright red bodysuits. Sexy lacy bodysuits can really work magic by defining your body better.

5. The white Goddess: White is a flattering color and suits every complexion. Save some sexy white lingerie for your romantic night for some bedtime drama.

6. Get it covered: If you are a woman who loves to look sexy in full clothing, a romper is the right way to celebrate your big night. Pick some nude colors for that extra spice and excitement.

7. Fancy Statement Straps: Statement strap lingerie sets, preferably with suspenders for stockings can be a mood-setter for your first night as a married couple. Straps are real teasers and look extremely sexy.

8. The Lacy Love: Ultra Soft and inticrate, laces are alluring as well.You can never go wrong with lace lingerie. Go for some sexy bralettes or front open bras to light up the night.

9. Rompers to set up the mood: Rompers are cute, comfortable and sexy. If you want to keep the bedtime a little more dramatic, choose some sheer lacy rompers. Pastel hues of blue, peach and green are best to set the mood.

10. An intimate party: Just in case you are in a mood to party, try something blingy. Handworked, and stud embellished lingerie sets can bring on the party mood.

We are sure that you have already made up your mind to choose the best lingerie for your honeymoon.So which bride you are? Are you a bold one and having plans to pack some sexy statement straps or a cute babydoll. A lace lover or a sheer show-off? Have you decided? Now, It’s time for splurging on some sexy bridal collection.

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