India is a land of traditions and the customs of Diwali in India are rooted deep in the history. It is celebrated all over the country and symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Each part of India celebrates Diwali for a different reason. In North India, it is celebrated to glorify the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana and his return to Ayodhya after 14 years. Southern India celebrates Diwali in honor of victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura. Whereas in eastern states it is celebrates because on this day Devi Kali defeated the demon Bakasura. Whatever may be the reason, the important fact is it is celebrated nation wide with full excitement and happiness. Here are some of the fascinating traditions of Diwali that everyone should follow:

1. Cleaning the homes: We all start the preparations months ago Diwali day. Diwali is the time to throw away unwanted items, clean and repaint homes and decorating them. The tradition behind doing this is that Goddess Lakshmi enters those homes that are absolutely clean. Thus we all decorate our homes with accessories like strings of lights, flowers, ribbons etc.

2. Shopping : Diwali is one of the biggest festivals when Indians go crazy for shopping. It is considered as an auspicious day to buy gold, electronics, vehicles, kitchenware, gadgets, furniture and etc. People buy new clothes and gifts for each other. It is also known to be a good time to invest in property or business.

3. Rangoli: Rangoli is decorated at the entrance of the house to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. So make a vibrant rangoli with colors and flowers at your doorstep as it is the place from where Goddess Lakshmi enters your house. You can use diyas and designer stencils that are easily available in the market.

4. Decorating the house : Lighting and decorating homes is must to invite the Goddess of wealth. Traditionally it is done by lighting earthen lamps and placing them on windows, doors and balconies. Diyas add glittering light and look beautiful. You can also decorate your homes with series lights and designer lamps to add that oomph factor.

5. Bursting Crackers: The most important tradition of Diwali is to burst firecrackers. The sparkles of firecrackers glitter the sky and it is believed that the sound and light pf firecrackers helps wipe off the evil spirits.

6. Making sweets: Though the markets are full of sweet delicacies and namkeen vendors, people still love to prepare lots of mithais and savouries at home. Sev, gujiya, chivda. laddoos, chakli and the list is endless. Different regions have different specialities which are made and then served amongst family, friends and relatives.

7. Giving gifts : Distributing Diwali gifts is another important tradition of the festival. Boxes of sweets and namkeens along with dry fruits, gift vouchers and home appliances are exchanged on this festival as a token of respect and care. People buy gifts for their near and dear ones to make them feel special. Gifts along with sweets are given to helpers and maids to make their festival worth celebrating.


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