Home sweet home!! Our home is the heartland of all our festivals and celebrations. As one of the most awaited festival is on its way to knock the doors, our home surely deserves a splendid make over of decorations for the day.

We are sure that you are ready to decorate your happy place with lots of lamps, lights and love. Here’s a list of few simple and inexpensive ideas to get your creativity flowing!!

Simple Home decor ideas for Diwali

Some inexpensive purchases and a lot of DIY can make your home beautiful and gorgeous for all your diwali guests. Below are some ideas you can try out for Diwali decor.

1. Fairy Lights : The very first in the list because these are quite cheap but look very attractive. The multicolored array of lights makes them a decorative piece. Just a couple of strings in balcony and your living area will make your home decorated for the festival. You can also use them for other decorations like pinning pictures or lighting them in empty glass bottles. But the most important thing to keep in mind is try to find battery operated lights to avoid the last minute emergency of finding sockets.

2. The evergreen diyas: Diyas and Diwali ho hand in hand as we cannot expect our Diwali without these beautiful and evergreen earthen diyas. Every corner of home looks beautiful with them. But you can also use them in other ways such as floating them in a large bowl of water. You can even make them more beautiful by using acrylic paints and craft materials.

3. Paper crafts and Decorations: You can use craft paper or even newspaper to create artistic things for home decor. Crafts such as origami, quiling, paper mache and others bring many possibilities of decorations. Paper crafting is cost effective and looks very beautiful and colorful. Watch some DIY video tutorials to gather some inspiration and let your creativity do the talking.

4. Lampshades: Much in trend, twine lampshades are incredibly easy to make and add a glamor to your home. All you need to have is a roll of twine or cotton thread in glue and balloons. Blow a few balloons and wrap the glue covered twine around the balloon. Once the glue dries, the thread will hold its shape. You can now burst the balloon and paint these lampshades in different colors. Place light bulbs within these cool lampshades and get going.

5. Floral Decorations : Flowers are just indispensable element of Diwali. They can be used in variety of ways- in the form of curtains as long strings, wall hangings or in rangoli. You can also make paper flowers to decorate your home. Flowers can be used to decorate furniture, mirror or railings. Make garland of flowers and add some extra fun to your decor. You can also make torans by assembling them with leaves.

Apart from the above ideas you can use your creativity in making beautiful rangolis and creating diyas. These homemade tips are really simple and will keep you occupied. Have a bright and lightning diwali.!!


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