Being a single parent is a challenge especially when you are a single mother. It is never easy to handle personal as well as professional life simultaneously due to which more often than not, single mothers get easily trapped in stress, pressure, fatigue, and unnecessary anger.

Here is the guide cum advice for single mothers to tackle their common problems.


First thing first, a timetable is strictly advisable. To get to grips with anything, you first need a proper plan of action. Make a daily timetable, a weekly timetable, and a monthly timetable, and put the necessary things in those blocks accordingly. This is our first advice for single moms. You may find “necessary things” in the blog as you proceed.


Our second advice for single mothers is to give ample time to your child. This is one of the best practices to do. Studies have shown that spending time with kids relaxes your mind and replenishes your energy. Spending time doesn’t only mean staying together for a certain time but sharing each other’s daily routines, good times bad times, friends-office gossip. Treat your kid more like a friend here. Make the best use of this time.


No matter how heavily you are occupied in any activity, you are adviced to be available or at least accessible when your kid needs you. Your number must be at the top of his speed dial. Remember, your kids need your support more than they need you. It’s always good to encourage them in every situation and this is why it is our third advice for single moms.


Our next advice for single mothers is to take best care of themselves. Your kids are dependent solely on you. Don’t forget that you can only take care of your kids easily and joyfully if you are healthy and fit. A healthy and happy mom is hard to annoy even if your kid is Dennis the Menace. Follow a healthy diet and join a good fitness gym.


As simple as a smile, a family that eats together stays together and hence, our next advice for single moms. Try to have your breakfast and dinner together. The more time you spend with each other, the stronger the bond gets.


A mother is the 1st teacher of any child. Kids imitate you and then learn. Therefore, our next advice to single mothers is to keep your kids by your side before proceeding with any activity. For instance, keep your kid with you while exercising, swimming, cycling, studying, or anything you wish to do. You will see your kid will start imitating you at the beginning, sooner building interest, and eventually making a habit of it.


Try to join single parenting groups on social media. You will not only find answers to your questions but will also get additional motivation. This is our sixth advice for single moms.


If you are working, we advice to Single Mothers the installation of CCTV cameras in your house even if you have a babysitter for your child. This will ease your tension toward your loved one. You may also have a pet. Our last but one of the most important advice for single mothers.

Wrapping up (Advice for Single Mothers):

We strongly advice single moms or mothers to stay positive no matter what. We know being a single mom or mother is quite a challenging job and comes with great responsibilities but once you find a pathway to it, you create a gem of skill in you that no regular person has and suddenly everything seems to be easier.


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