It’s truly being said that it takes a village to raise a child. It indeed does. And when you are a single parent, it gets quite complicated. Parenting in itself is a difficult job. Taking care of your child and ensuring their proper upbringing is something all parents strive for. On top of it, if we talk about being a single parent, it is even more challenging.

Things get far more difficult when only one parent is involved in parenting. It is one of the most challenging responsibilities but it’s equally gratifying. You do not learn to parent overnight and it takes a long period to be a good parent. Being a perfect parent is not a cakewalk, you may have to face many hurdles and barriers on the road to being a good parent.

Being a single parent has its ups and downs but also has some bright areas that make all the struggles worth it. There are a few pros and cons of being a single parent or foster parent that you must be aware of before coming to any conclusion. Today we are going to share some insights about single parenting and how you can overcome the struggles of single parenting.

Let’s have a deeper look at the Pros and Cons of Single Parenting


Coming on to the benefits, you will find a lot of advantages that can wave off your fears and motivate you to become one. The following are discussed some of the many pros of single parenting.

#1. You are the only one in command

The major benefit of being a single parent is that you will have the full authority to make rules and decisions around the house for your kids. From essential subjects like choosing the school to trivial matters like what they will eat, it’s all yours to decide.

One of the primary advantages of single parenting is that you will be the only one to make decisions concerning your children as well as for yourself, with no one to stop you or contradict you or confuse your child with conflicting demands.

#2. You are one to manage all the Finances

Being the one who’s earning for the family, you get to have all the power to make all money-related decisions.

As a single parent, you can plan your finances and decide where to spend the money and where to not. Without any interference, you can freely make changes in the decided budget and alter what you believe is appropriate in your child’s life.

#3. You will be more focused on your child

As you are a single parent, you will have a full focus on your child. All the love will be your child’s as there is no one else to share it with.

Similarly, if your child is with the other parent, they will also shower all their attention on them, making the child feel loved and cared for.

So the major benefit of a single-parent family is that the child gets undivided attention, love, and care from you without having any negativity and clashes.

#4. Your children are more responsible from a young age

When you are a single parent, you can’t manage everything on your own. Therefore, being a single parent, you will feel it is good to teach your child to help you out and be responsible from a very young age.

When the child grows, he will gradually learn to be less dependent on you and learn the importance of handling things on his own. Working together with the parent, the child also learns to work as a team and also be more independent.


Along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages of being a single parent.
The following are discussed a few disadvantages of being a single parent.

#1. You would have more expenses

Being the only earning hand in the house, it gets difficult to manage expenses.
There is too much to take care of, such as rent, fees, bills, and so much more than you will often find yourself with financial constraints and opt for cutting down expenses.

You may try to get more than one job but it may cause unwanted stress and affects your health negatively. You cannot overlook these single parenting disadvantages and must be prepared to face them before you decide to become one.

#2. Too many responsibilities

Being a single parent you will feel overloaded with work sometimes. You may be trying to be at work or doing multiple jobs, household chores, childcare, and all related tasks.

You will be too occupied with your work and will not get much time to spend with your child and may get irritated or overworked.

#3. You might feel alone, guilty, and overwhelmed

With your failed past relationships you might feel lonely and guilty at times. But that doesn’t mean you will not get lonely.

Juggling between too much work and child upbringing, you may often find yourself wanting some adult company as well as having to shut down on your social life with friends completely.

Even though you have your children with you who you love, you might also begin reminiscing about your past single life and feel guilty for doing so.

4. Disciplining the child gets difficult

It may be impossible to discipline your child. Although you are trying your best to make your child feel loved, comfortable, and cared for, they might not be able to adjust to having to live in a broken family and take up aggressive or rebellious behavior.

It is challenging to raise children in a disciplined manner and make them follow the new rules and boundaries of the house.


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