Motherhood is a period of celebration for most women, and something that a lot of them look forward to. Every lady expects the start of their family life to be exciting and lovely while having someone to support them through the period. However, the reality is not always the same as what one imagines them to be.

Currently, many men and women lead single parent lifestyles and many manage to handle it admirably. Yet, in the early months, many single mothers in India face issues that they need help with. Here are some tips on how to handle such problems.

1. Prepare a budget

One of the priorities you should have as a single mom in India is setting your budget. Some many activities and expenses go into raising a child. In conventional family structures with two parents, the responsibility for finances falls on both or one of the partners.

Single mothers have to handle all of the costs on their own, so take the time to set your budget. Plan the priority points where most of your expenditure would go into. Also, update this sheet regularly for accurate record-keeping.

2. Group support

One of the best things for single mothers in India is to have a support system to rely on. There are groups available run by single mothers for single moms, both expecting ones and those with years’ old children. You should join one such group, for advice, someone to relate to and have a stable support system.

3. Auto paying bill payments

Particular household expenses come up monthly, like utility bills. If one misses out on paying the bill at any point, they would have to pay a late fee. Any single mom in India has many tasks on their mind, so basic activities like monthly payments can leave their mind.

Thus, setting up auto payments for bills would help. Here, the set time for the bill would update automatically and the payment for it would complete fast as well.

4. Check out governmental initiatives

There are government programs in place for single mothers in India as an additional support structure. They offer tax benefits and credits to women who are raising young children alone, in different economic groups. Study the different options available carefully before choosing any of them.

Limit your expenses
For people, splurging on something luxurious and fun is a common problem. For single ladies with kids, it is important to control this urge. Whether you are spending your money yourself or baby accessories, limit your expenses overall. If your child is at the age to demand items, you should avoid giving in. Carry on with this practice from a young age so that your child would learn control.

5. Be an engaging parent

Single mothers have to deal with their children as both a good parent and a strict parent. Regardless of which version you prioritize, make sure to engage with your child. Listen to their points, treat them fairly. This would give them a safe place at home to discuss their issues, and you can bond better with your child.

6. Availability

One of the important things you should focus on is being accessible to your child. Indeed, connect with them often, and even interact with people they are in close contact with, like their peer group. Be open to your child so that they can discuss their issues and thoughts freely with you.

7. Open-minded

While training their children in the early years, new parents can get frustrated with the process after some time. However, they have someone to shoulder it with, which is not possible for a single mom in India. In this case, the best thing to do is to keep an open and positive mind. Understand that it would take time, and slowly focus on this process. Rely on other family members as well.

8. Join carpool service

One of the best plans you can take up as a single mom is planning a carpooling system with other mothers. Stay in contact with mothers in the same neighbourhood. Take turns to carpool all your children to the same school. This would reduce pressure on your daily work schedule.


Taking help from others and organizing your lifestyle would benefit you highly as a single mother. Take the time to plan your expenses, and engage with different individuals and communities for raising your child well. You can take the help of online service providers to plan your childcare efforts efficiently.


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