A daughter’s love is limitless. Its all around, all-encompassing and unconditional. Girls are special. They are the love and joy of family. It’s the love that girls give not just to their parents but to the whole family.

A family with a daughter will know that it’s the all-around love that a daughter spreads. They are natural and effortless. Girls emanate positivity. They have the ability to spread happiness.

Being a daughter, I know what I am to my parents and how they celebrate each day of me being their child. You know, what’s more? Daughters bring sanity to any situation. They are priceless. Their presence can be very comforting in situations that demands calmness.

Even renowned celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Kapil Sharma or Angad Bedi never fail to celebrate their daughters. Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of KBC have regale the audience with gem of his life. His daughter, Shweta. He refers his daughter as mamma and says she has brought light to his life. Girls love their parents and wants good things to happen in their lives.

You might have experienced the same thing and it is true for everyone in the family. Daughters want happiness for all- their brothers, sisters, grandparents, parents and others. And when married, they carry bags full of love and affection to again be the source of happiness and joy in the new environment. This is why girls add life to a family and are celebrated with whole heart.

Meri beti ka khyal rakhna said my father to my husband with affection as I left tje mandap on my wedding. I still feel those words and even after two whole years of happy marriage, my papa say this to my husband when we leave their place. This indeed is an heartwarming gesture that every father does to celebrate his daughter.

Recently renowned comedian Kapil Sharma shared pictures of celebrating her daughter’s first birthday. The couple was blessed with a little angel one year ago and the actor never misses any chance of thanking God for this wonderful miracle in his life. He said, his laado is the true blessing and wanted to make her birthday to celebrate the goodness of his daughter.

These special moments are a reminder that the inborn ability of girls and ladies to remain calm and composed imparts to them a unique inner strength. It not only gives them power to do extraordinarily well in life, poise and tranquility also gives them power to transform others.

Daughters are the real treasures. They indeed are precious for both the families. Strong, versatile, unique and calm, daughters bind the family together. Daughters deserve all the love and respect and should be cherished daily. If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful daughter, don’t wait for any special day or ocassion to show her love. A daughter is god’s way of sending you love and affection. Celebrating daughters is all about making your daughter feel special and what could be better than spending time with her.


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