My beloved daughter,

I still can’t believe that you are so grown up now that soon you will be leaving us for a new life! I am unable to portray my emotions! I am glad that your life partner is a gem of a person and you will be happy with him forever! I still remember the day when the doctor handed over you to me. You were so tiny and delicate. Just like the drop of dew on the flowers! And see now, You are getting married! Time flies so fast! Since you were born me and your father have always wondered how we would let you go! You are our heartbeat. But we can’t be selfish!

Today when you are getting married I have something to share with you. This is not just a piece of advice but my love and concern for you. This is something I wish my mother would have told me earlier! And here am sharing it with you!

Do you remember once you wanted a doll very badly and we could not purchase it for you? I still remember that sadness in your eyes. I pray I never see it ever again and with that wish, I am sharing this with you.

Beta, marriage is only beautiful till you believe in the beauty of it. To believe in the beauty of marriage, remember one thing always. Both of you are two different persons and respect that difference! Don’t try to change the other because then you will lose the essence of the relationship. I won’t say don’t change for each other. Rather I will say blend for each other. This is how neither of you will have to give up on yourself.

Have trust! While I am speaking about trust I don’t limit it to only “Privacy”. Trust is a vast term beta and it includes giving each other the comfort of confessing their feelings. Either of you will differ from the first but then it is about trust! So when you say, ” I trust you” feel it first!

You may encounter situations which you might have never seen earlier. Your patients will be tested several times and here you will have to remember one thing that, “Never make permanent decisions due to temporary emotions”. Whenever you feel you are stuck in something just take a deep breath and think, “Have I given my best to get out of it?”. If the answer is no, keep trying. If the answer is yes, back off for a while! Sometimes your silence will convey a powerful message than your words.

We have raised you with lots of love! Don’t ever give up on yourself. Always be what you are and don’t stop doing what you love to do. You will be loved more once you love yourself. Beta, you are going to spend the rest of your life with Him and so does he! Some moments will give you pain in a relationship and some will give you joy! But always remember that Both of you are in it together!

At last, I want to tell you that, Now that you are getting married You will have two homes! Yes, Beta! Your this home will always be yours so as your Sasural! You are leaving us to live your life with the one whom you love! Your place is still intact in our hearts and our home too!

With lots of blessing and love,


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