Employees are often considered as an important asset of any organization. Treating them well nurtures the relationship and is beneficial for the company. And you know what? Diwali is a great time to show your employees how much they mean to you for the growth of the company. A gift is the best way to express your appreciation and if you put some efforts in choosing the gift, it will make your employees feel that they are a priority to you.

This year, you might face budgetary constraints and it can be a challenge to find gifts that are unique and cost effective. But don’t worry. Just have a look at our gifting guide and figure out what to pick as a gift for your employees.

1. Personalized Laptop Bag: Backpacks are an essential utility and helps us remain organized. Laptop backpacks are highly useful as they are designed to safely carry the laptops as well as other daily stuff. Gift your employees a spacious laptop bag printed with a logo of the company. This can make a perfect diwali gift for your geeky employees.

2. Fitness band: The coolest gadget loved by everyone these days. The fitness tracker is an awesome way to keep track of your health. It offers many features like pulse monitor, bp monitor, calories intake, daily activities, sleep quality and even heart rate.

3. Bluetooth speaker: Bluetooth speaker is a very useful gadget indeed. Choose from a variety of speakers available online of different brands. Go for sleek and compact designs with high quality speakers. We bet your employees are going to love this gift.

4. Electronic oil Diffuser : The best gifting idea this season is this electronic diffuser. This can be used to diffuse essential oils and humidify a room. It is a wonderful way to destress and create a calm environment.

5. Home Linen : Home linen is another great options if you are looking for traditional gifting. Items like quilts, bedsheets,cushion covers are useful and are naturally welcomed. Gift your employees warmth and comfort of good quality home linens this Diwali.

6. Electric Kettle: Household appliances are very useful and remain with employees for a long time. You can pick from a wide range of appliances like toasters, juicers, coffee machines, iron etc. All of these are very useful and electric kettle is a fantastic addition to the kitchen.

7. Gift vouchers: Gift vouchers are in trend as many employers are adoptiong this idea of handling gift cards to the employees during diwali. The advantages are clear; it is beneficial for the employees as they can buy something of their need and choice and on the other hand, employer also save the codt and time looking for gifts and distributing them. You can go for gift vouchers of many brands and online sites to gift to your employees.

Diwali is for everyone. Your emoloyees also look forward to celebrating the festival with family and friends. A Diwali gift is a great way to share your good wishes with them so this year don’t disappoint your valuable employees.


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