The festival of lights is just round the corner. Deepavali, popularly known as Diwali, is among the most awaited festivals of the year in India. One of the most important rituals during Diwali has been that of sharing gifts with loved ones and family. If you are wondering what goes behind the idea of gifts is a feeling of love and tenderness and there is no better time to express these tender feelings than that of festivals.

However, finding innovative gift ideas that perfectly fit within your budget, while amusing the receiver may not be very easy always. Here is a curated list of the best and the most unique gift ideas for Diwali and all within the range of 2500 rupees. So let the countdown begin:

Griffin Stylus: Almost every one nowadays use devices that are touch sensitive. However, the movements we do with our fingers may not be always very precise. Further for those who use bigger devices such as tablets or use them to make complicated patterns and designs, fingers are not always enough. This is why the griffin stylus makes the best gift. With its omni-directional rubber tip along with a perfect grip, it makes the ideal gift for all the techies on your gift list.
Market price: approx. 1350 INR

Nopopo Flash Light: in this age of sustainability, the Nopopo flash light may be one of the most stylish and innovative gift that one can think of. The batteries of this light can run on any form of liquid, be it cola, water or even saliva. These flash lights can be very handy and help you in a lot of situations, be it in cases of power cuts or in a meeting when you can use it as a pointer on projections.
Market price: approx. 800 INR

Planters: With all the emphasis being laid on being environment friendly, gifting your loved ones with beautiful planters may be a very good option. In fact there are planters that are especially associated with good luck such as the money plant which is said to attract Goddess Laxmi to the house. Further decorating the interiors with greenery is said to be very good for health as it purifies the air and enriches the house with oxygen.
Market price: approx. 1000-1200 INR

Diwali Pooja Set: Diwali is also a time when various type of pujas are held in the house. Thus the Diwali pooja sets are a very good gift especially when it comes to elderly people in your house. There are of course different types of puja materials available such as that of white silver as well.
Market price: Approx. 2200 INR

Earthen Lamps: As Diwali is the festival of lights, gifting earthen lamps may be a very good idea. It is sure to delight any receiver, especially if they are inclined towards decorating the house. You may also send some cotton balls along which are needed to light these diyas. It is inevitable that your loved ones would love the perfectly!
Market price: approx. 800 INR

Woollen wears: If you have an idea regarding the size and colour preferences of the person for whom you are planning to get the gift, then getting woollen wears for them may be a good idea. This is especially because Diwali is followed by winters and there is no end to the need for woollens.
Market price: 1500-1800 INR

Scented candles: One gift with which you can never get wrong is scented candles. They are elegant, stylish and very useful for the receiver. Some candles are also enriched with essential oils that have therapeutic benefits. These candles will serve as the best mediums for aromatherapy alongside pleasing people who love to engage in exciting interior décor.
Market Price: 900-1200 INR

Dry fruits: No festival in India is complete without food and Diwali is no exception to this. Dry fruits are commonly associated with Diwali and they are both tasty and nutritious. In fact some brands also send assortments of various dry fruits only for Diwali.
Market price: approx. 1600-2200 INR

Start shopping

In the present situation, when the prices of various commodities are always on the surge, finding the ideal gift becomes very difficult. Now that you have so many ideas before you, choose the one that you find most attractive and go shopping today!


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