Have you ever thought about what should be your role as a perfect parent? Have you ever questioned the roles and responsibilities that you should have towards your child’s future? Do you think your child is independent enough to face the hardships of life? We all have these questions when we become parents. Nurturing a child is equal to nurturing a bud that blooms into an absolutely beautiful flower. Parents always want to provide the best life to their children but in this process, one should not forget to teach life skills to children which will help them to grow into an independent individuals. Let us go through some of them.

Time Management

This is one of the most important life hacks that you must teach your children from their childhood. Managing and valuing time is important for almost everyone. But if as parents you try to inculcate this basic from day 1 of your child’s life then it will turn out to be a good practice. If you are thinking about how you will achieve this then the first thing you should try is to get your child an alarm clock. Let your child wake up to an alarm clock rather than you waking them up. Also, try involving your child in time activities. Give them a particular activity like drawing or coloring and give them a time limit. You place a stopwatch in front of them and let them complete the task within the time limit and also give them some rewards after successful completion.  This will help teach your child how to manage time which will help him throughout.

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Decision making

another major important life-changing hack for your children. Making choices is something even adults fail to do at times so it is very important to teach your children the ability to make choices in life. This will not only make them independent but also make them confident enough. Decision-making is not easy and as parents, you should always be there to guide your children but make sure your child takes little decisions on their own since childhood. For example, make your children decide on small things like which dress they are going to wear, which color to put in their drawing and so on. If your child makes a wrong choice you will surely be there to guide them and if you think your child has made the right choice then make him take more such decisions and encourage him.

Empathy & Awareness

this is a very important Life lesson that every parent must teach their children. Empathy towards everything is really important. Your child should not be self-centered and always have some mercy and empathy for others. Trying to teach your child equality. Show your child everyone is equal and you should have a caring nature towards everyone. To inculcate this quality in your child make sure you start practicing the same first. Remember your child learns what he sees. So be nice to your house help, your pets, and others when you go out.


teaching basic life hacks to your children during their childhood should be every parent’s goal. You must start practicing these in your home with your children so that before starting formal education with institute they will know basics of the skills and they can also start implementing these with their fellow mates and everyone at home. This will help your child grow into a successful and independent individual in near future. Remember, as parents, it is very important you understand your child and his needs at first and then carry on with anything else.


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