We live in a country of festivals. In India, the second half of the year is spent enjoying back to back festivals. Starting from Lohadi, Holi, Onam, Eid, Diwali and Christmas you name it, we celebrate it.

Irrespective of who we are and what religion we follow, any sort of celebrations are always magical. Be it a festival or a party, celebrations mean a lot to us.

So, teaching the imporatance of festivals to our kids is also important.
The festive season means no school, new clothes and munching on the delicious food. Kids get equally excited and ask many questions about the upcoming events. Festivals brings happiness and harmony between our traditions and rituals. So our growing kid should be taught the meaning of rituals, cultures and festivals.

As elders it is our responsibility to teach our kids the impotlrtance of festivals. “Everything has a reason” and so do our celebrations. Digging deeper makes us realize the prominence of it and we learn a lot from it. As the festive season is on so lets start teaching their importance to our kids. Here are some basic reasons as to why celebrating festivals with kids is important.

1. It fosters life long bonds : During festivals we visit our near and dear ones, go for a holiday or visit our friends to greet. It’s the great time when children can meet their cousins, grandparents and other relatives. Such meetings help child to get along and bond better with the family in the long run.

2. Understanding the culture : Celebrating festivals along with kids is a great way to teach them about Indian culture. It teaches them the significance and importance of celebrating festivals. This helps in imparting cultural values to the child.

3. Help them become more creative: As our kids get involved in the culture and tradition, it fosters their imagination and enhance their creativity. They get more excited and think new ways of making the festivals more joyful.
Ways to get your kids involved in celebrations:

Teaching kids about festivals doesn’t mean to give them lecture on it. You as a parent should create some activities through which they will understand the significance behind. Below are some ideas that you can conduct during festive season:

1. Create a game: Create a mock test that your child has to win in order to get her sweets or crackers. Pose questions in front of them and encourage them to read and be prepared for the festive eve. This will infuse learning and kids will enjoy the celebration much more.

2. Role plays: Make your kids play roles in proper costumes and outfits, like traditional dresses for Navratri or Ravan mask for Dussehra, a krishna dresd for Janamashtmi etc. This way they will get the opportunity to play around and understand quickly the importance of festivals.

3. Decorations: Let your kid show some creativity and involve them in decorating the house. Involve them in diya selection or rangoli coloring or even cooking the festive food. Kids will enjoy decorating the house and once done they will surely feel proud of their work. This will motivate them for doing things better.

What are you deciding to do this festive season? It is the right time to teach your kids about Indian culture and traditions. Let us know about your thoughts and share your experiences.


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