Remember, how you used to bunk classes and go to cinemas when in high school? Or how you ask your friends to keep your love letter safe and hidden? And do you really remember, what was your age at that time? Fifteen, sixteen or eighteen. Yeah, that’s the teenage when all of us are on a hunt of exploring. And that’s the age of learning some valuable life lessons that actually help out in life.

So here 5 life lessons that every teenager should know. These are some of the best life advice that my papa told me when I was a teen. If you need a little inspiration in high school and beyond, take a piece of it with you through life and you will definitely learn something new.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Treat Everyone With Respect: Not just females, not just elders, not just coworkers. Everybody. Give regards to every person you meet and respect the people around you with kindness. It might not seem like common sense to respect everyone when you are young. But everyone deserves respect and you should treat everyone just the way you want to be treated.

2. Don’t blame others: We are humans and we all make mistakes.Stop blaming others, for your own mistakes. It doesn’t help anyone. Start learning from everyone’s mistakes and you will realize how better you can solve the problem. Whether you’re in class, playing sports, or at work, mistakes will always happen. Be strong and own upto your mistakes as blaming others will only lead to negativity.

3. Listen to understand: Don’t listen to reply, listen to understand. We often forget to listen to people to understand. We are naturally selfish and love to talk about ourselves. Humans always want to be in the lime light and feel like the main character of life. Every teenager should listen to understand and not respond. This help you learn more and more about life and other people’s thoughts. Becoming a good listener will bring a lots of benefits in your future life.

4. As the company, So the color: You are who your friends are. You end up taking all the characters and habits of people you are surrounded by. So choose your company wisely. If you are in a group of toxic people who do drugs and don’t work, you will end up having those characterstics. Same goes for the other side of the coin. If your friends are well mannered and hard working you will inherit good manners and habits from them.

5. Change What You Don’t Like: And stop stressing over what can’t be changed. Change is the law of nature and some things in life are variable and others are fixed. So if you are not happy with you weight, take the call and change it and be fitter. But if you are unhappy with the fact that you are not taller, you can’t do much about it. The choice is yours to work on the things you don’t like and to stay away from the things you simply can’t change.

Hopefully these life lessons teenager have taught you something new.
By the way, props to you for caring enough about your future and personal growth to even take the time and read this! Pat yourself on the back… you deserve it!
If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!


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