I often get compliments on being a Super Mom. Like everyone else, I obviously enjoy being complimented but honestly, I feel that my time management skills are the main reason behind being able to enjoy whatever life has to offer.

Let me quickly share few tips that you yourself can follow & be more efficient in getting the best out of 24 hours in a day.

1.  Pre-plan your day/week in advance: Every Sunday evening, I do spend an hour or so to plan up coming week food menu, special outings (if any) etc. This really helps to avoid last-minute stress over “what to cook or what to get cooked”. Instead, you can utilize that time with family fun or more work.

2. Follow a routine: My entire family really follows a schedule. We are quite disciplined in that way. We generally eat breakfasts around 9- 9:30, Lunch around 2 & Dinner around 9, so this helps me to plan things before & after meals better. In fact, we have an hour to hour routine that we all adhere to on Weekdays. Weekends are relaxed but then there’s always an outing to look forward to.

3. Set Priorities: This is a very important point if you want to live a balanced life & don’t want to get drowned in the sea of emotions. Every person has different goals & different priorities. So, it’s very important to set them in the right order & stay committed to the same.

4. Give yourself a Goal: Yes, even a simple goal will help you find time & energy to get the task off the list. This could be applied in studies, taking kids out on weekends, shopping budgets, nutritional intakes & so many other things.

5. Don’t Stress over too much: Don’t we all aim for perfect parenting?? However, in practicality there is nothing like Perfect Parents, Parent Kids etc. It’s all myth. Considering that it’s a myth, why stress over it? Instead, identify parameters or qualities that are very dear to you & you would like to pass them over to your kids & focus on that. Eventually, every kid makes something out of themselves & manage fine. We can always to our own selves for references. 😉

These are few tried & tested points that when applied will make your lives a lot easier.

So, I recommend you all to give it a try & please do come back to share your experience. 


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