My heart & my mind are numb. Not really feeling any emotion- maybe too scared or panicked  to feel anything else. What else do you expect when every where in this whole world is going through pain & chaos. I remember last year or years before that, this used to be my favorite time, a time when there was no studies pressure & we used to be engrossed in conversations around holidays- where, when etc. This year, it’s all opposite.

Mother Nature proved us all so wrong- you thought power / money could keep bad times at Bay- PM’s / Singers / Judges became victims. You thought best in shape body could save you – active celebrities / young people became victims.

Our learning – Flaunt nothing, your body, your power, your money- everything is useless if it’s your turn.

Some optimistic souls says, be positive, its best time to engage with your kids, family BUT haven’t we forgotten on what’s it like to be home & not go to malls at every damn opportunity.

They say it’s a lovely time to slow & relax but how can one do it when they see economies crashing, stock market crashing, banks crashing?

I know I need to stay positive, I know tomorrow will be a better day, I know this is temporary but I am scared to think that what if by tomorrow, we lose our people, our community, our bravery to the greedy virus.


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