Nourish Your LIttles One’s Skin with Wabi Babi’s natural and organic face cream

With winters knocking on our doors, we mothers get extra worries about our baby’s skin. We make sure that it gets the best nourishment and care that is needed. In winters, your little one’s skin may get dry and chappy which causes irritation and itching. Our baby’s face deserves nourishment, care and comfort and therefore we need to go an extra mile to keep it soft and supple.

My baby’s skin used to get very rough and chappy during winters. His cheeks get all those red marks and itchy. I tried so many face creams available out there but none of those worked as per my expectation. I wanted baby products that are natural, organic and free of harmful chemicals. The bubble of my worries bursted after I received Wabi Babi’s natural and organic face cream for my baby. The cream is just magical. It works wonders on my baby’s skin and provides complete care and nourishment.

Wabi Babi’s infant face cream is rich and formulated with 25 ingredients mixed in accurate proportion to ensure complete care and protection for your baby’s skin. It has natural extracts like coconut and oatmeal that are helpful to moisturize your little one’s skin. It also protects it from UV rays and produces collagen for healthy skin. And you know what’s the best part? It has a longer shelf life and goes a long way.

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After having a baby, our heart resides in the baby’s health and nourishment. We make sure that it gets the best care and comfort. This organic face cream hydrates baby’s skin and keeps it delicate and soft. The cream is made up of emulsifying wax, coconut oil, soybean, olive oil, sunflower oil and marula oil that protects your baby’s skin from getting dry and forms a skin barrier. It locks the moisture into the skin and calms the soft skin. It provides relief from chapped and itchy skin. Your little baby deserves all the smiles, comfort and care. Apply a small amount of cream to your hands and massage it over your baby’s face. Gently massage the cream in a circular motion.

The cream ensures:
1. Natural UV protection
2. Nourishment and care
3. Nature’s protective properties

Natural and Organic Ingredients for Healthy Skin

1. Marula Oil
2. Oatmeal Extract
3. Ashwagandha
4. Coconut


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