With monsoons knocking our doors, we all love cozy evenings cuddling up with a cup of tea and some bhajjis. The monsoons are such a beautiful time, especially if you have a little baby to cuddle up to. But the effect of this season on your little ones skin may be a cause of concern, especially around the diaper area. Constant dampness of the diaper area due to moisture, can cause discomfort or rashes in babies.

Making these months comfortable for your munchkin might seem like a slight challenge, but with a little care, it is manageable. Here’s what you can do to ensure your tiny tot enjoys the pitter-patter of the raindrops instead of being cranky and irritated the entire time. We are here with some tips that can help you prevent diaper issues this monsoon and keep your baby happy and healthy throughout!

1. Keep It Clean and Dry

Keeping the diaper area clean and dry is essential to prevent any skin issues due to dampness. You should remove the diaper immediately after your baby passes urine or poo. Rinse the area with an ultrasoft damp towel and allow the skin to air dry before diapering her again. Diapers with colour changing wetness indicators can come in handy as they immediately indicate that the diaper needs to be changed.

2. Select Derma Tested Diapers

A wetness indicator may not be enough to keep your baby’s diaper area healthy during monsoons. You may have to get a diaper that is super-absorbent, keeps moisture away, and helps prevent diaper rash. Choose diapers that are dermatologically tested in India for diaper rash. Many diapers come with a core lock-in and instant-absorbency feature that can absorb urine immediately. In addition, they are made from a soft, fluffy material and feature a soft air-in cushion that is super gentle on babies’ delicate skin. Thus, they can reduce the chances of irritation around the diaper area.

3. Choose Other Baby Products Wisely

You may go for other baby products, such as diaper wipes and diaper rash creams, to maintain the health of your little one’s diaper area. But it is essential that you choose products that suit your baby’s skin and do not cause skin issues. Therefore, go for derma-tested, alcohol and fragrance-free diaper wipes and soothing diaper rash creams that can effectively provide some relief if the dampness leads to diaper rashes.

4. Give the Diaper a Time Off

Let your munchkin stay diaper-free for at least an hour or so in between diaper changes. This time off allows the skin to air dry and breathe, cutting down the risk of infection and skin rashes. You may use a soft, clean towel to cover the bed to keep your baby comfortable or to prevent the bed from getting soiled.

Monsoon is the time to enjoy the rains, admire nature at its best, and make wonderful memories with your tiny tot. These simple and effective tips can easily help you ensure your baby’s happiness and wellbeing without letting any diaper issue play spoilsport.


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