Oh Babies! They are soft, delicate and so smooth to touch. We can’t get enough of their supple skin. To keep their skin soft and silky always, parents do all the research about the best baby products. There are so many brands available out there and chosing the right one is certainly a task. To ease out your difficulty, we have done a complete research and conducted various trials. Based on our study, we have curated a list of best baby products that will keep your little one’s skin soft and healthy.

#1 Dandydill way wild hawthorn berry cleansing mousse

On the top of the list is a baby soap in mousse form. These are easy to apply and are not slippery like ordinary soaps. Bath time will be much more fun with these easy to use mousse cleansers. Dandydill way wild hawthorn berry mousse is a power pack of antioxidants. It has sweet-smelling extract of hawthorn berry which smells perfectly like a beach.

#2. Noodle and Boo soothing body wash

This magical product occupies the second row in the list. It was initially developed for kids with eczema and sensitive skin. It is one of the finest choices for your newborn. It is gentle, soap-free and leaves skin soft and mosturized. The product is best for skin of every age group and can be happily applied on sensitive skin.

#3. beb organic diaper cream

beb organic is the only natural and organic products specifically for premature babies. The diaper rash cream is excellent for every skin type. The cream is packed with zinc, green tea and marigold to heal and protect the private parts of your little one.

#4. Pleni Naturals apple + broccoli hair and body wash

This hair and body wash is fantastic for grownup children. It is not completely tear free but is very gentle and soft on your baby’s skin and hair. The best thing about the product is that it goes a long way. Even a dime-sized amount for lots of lather and rinses clean leaving the hair and skin mosturized.

#5. Lhamour baby balm

This multipurpose baby balm is rich and creamy. It is a total lifesaver and can be used to knock out diaper rashes, eczema and many other problems. It is 100% natural and has beeswax and tallow to protect your baby’s skin from harsh climate. It can even be applied for chapped hands and lips.

#6. Evereden soothing baby massage oil

Baby massages are powerful and therapeutic. Massages enhance your bond and relieve pain and discomfort. This five ingredient natural oil is gentle and calm.
It’s also totally fragrance-free and absorbs quickly in baby’s skin.

#7. Eco pea bamboo wipes

These wipes are totally organic and made from luxury bamboo. These are great for face, diaper, cleaning hands and body. You can even use them to remove makeup ;). Very soft, gentle and high quality product to keep your baby’s skin protected.

These are the products that we love for babies. If you have any other addition do let us know in comments.

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