Entrepreneurship usually gets associated with lots of money & fame. Everybody wants to see the happy side of running a business but let’s not forget that there is a darker side too that no one wants to talk about.

Have you ever wondered on WHY many successful & established entrepreneurs opt to END THEIR LIVES rather than enjoy the luxuries that money can easily buy for them??

There is NO denial that YES, entrepreneurship does bring in lots of opportunities that one can never imagine or experience while being employed. It surely brings in lots of money and fame but EVERYTHING in life has a price tag to it.

Let’s talk about few struggles that only an entrepreneur can understand & relate to:

1. Anxiety: Be it any business, it is bound to experience its ups & downs & every down might boost your anxiety to another level. If not controlled, these do get worse & can actually land one in serious health issues. In fact, I lost a very close acquittance due to constant stress & worry. So, its very important to focus on Bigger picture that life has to offer & handle things bravely.

2. Greed: How much is enough? Take a moment to think over this question. Honestly, there is no end. Even Ambani might not be happy & constantly working to achieve his own targets. In short, there is no given number that can promise you happiness. Even when you achieve the defined goal, the happiness that you drive from it, is temporary & soon, that number will not be good enough. Next day, there will be a new number & you will be motivated to push all your limits a step future in order to achieve those.

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3. False Ego: Let’s not forget the fact that this society is Cruel. It will keep boosting your false ego by flashy designer stuff, Forbes rankings, Multiple offices & lots & lots of materialistic stuff that never ends. Unfortunately, the society uses these metrics to measure your success. So, the more you acquire, the more is the desire to accumulate the rest. Technically, you are stuck in a wheel of desires & this keeps revolving by feeding you materialistic stuff & gradually taking away basic peace that you NEED to live this life.

4. Vicious Circle: Entrepreneurship is a perfect example of Vicious Circle. You start with a small dream, you work hard & achieve it. The next desire is bigger than the last one & needs more time & efforts. Obviously, you put that & achieve it too. The third one requires more from you but do you have that time? Let’s not forget that everyone has 24 hours in a day. You can surely work for 18 / 19 hours a day but for how long? In long run, you will either exhaust the health or small moments of happiness that you could have enjoyed if you would have maintained the equilibrium in your life.

5. Change of States: It’s human behavior that when we have little, we appreciate & enjoy even the basic privilege that life offers us BUT when we grow & our resources grow, the basics are being taken for granted. We stop valuing the most basic stuff that enriches our soul. So, it’s very important to pause, appreciate, breathe, re-analysis & move forward.

There is no doubt that Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey but in order to enjoy it to the fullest, one must be fully aware of their own strengths & limitations. Instead of shying away from the limitations or working towards proving to the society, you should create a structure that helps you rejoice every accomplishment & nourish your soul because only then you will be able to give back to your team & society.

Best Wishes!!


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