Last week, I completed my 9 years of entrepreneurship journey. Honestly, I have mix feelings about the whole journey. I am definitely proud of what we as a team have achieved AND I am way more excited about things that are coming my way. So, without getting much into those details, let’s quickly talk about my leanings as an entrepreneur:

1. Always judged for being a WOMAN: No matter, what you have to say, I have experienced it & I am telling you that being a woman doesn’t get you kind clients, best team & all other good things. We live in male dominant society & everybody is constantly questioning your capabilities- your team, vendors, peers…almost everyone tends to judge you & your authority. So? So, you prove your worth time & again & continue proving it until either they accept you as a sensible woman around or you just get done with them & move forward in life .

2. Sweat, Tears & Anxiety: If I have to define the rewards that come with entrepreneurship, these are 3 words will surely make a way in my definition of being an entrepreneur. If we keep the money element aside, all that is left behind is days, days & more days of sweat, tear, anxiety, long work hours, endless cups of tea & some packets biscuits.

3. Money can buy Happiness: Well, don’t judge me now!! By Happiness I don’t mean family, precious memories or true love BUT money can surely buy fancy toys for kids, good food, travel to exotic locations, enriching experiences, comfortable home & a line of maids. So, yeah!

4. Face your own fears: It’s easier done than said. Yes, it’s easier done than said! Just don’t think too much, go with the flow & do it. The problem comes when we start over thinking & under doing so the advice I would like to give from my experience is focus on doing rather than proving!

5. Don’t Give a Damm: I have learned it the hard way but I am thankful that I learned it sooner than later. If you are planing to do something unusual, don’t bother too much over assuming society’s reaction. They will judge you anyways. If you are good, you are fake. If you are honest, you are a bitch. If you are aggressive, you are worse & if you are too polite, you are double faced so my point is… why care??

6. Don’t Be Polite: YES! I have seen ex employees opening their companies with similar names, seen cousins opening similar ventures & trying their best to keep it a secret, seen friends trying to be extra sweet & get all the information they possibly can….I survived it all by saying “No” when required. No pleasing, No awkward situations, just a plain NO did the magic.

So, all in all, I am not bitter towards life, towards relatives, towards friends or towards ANYONE in specific. I am just sharing my experiences so far.

These last 9 years have taught me to be appreciative about the people I have in my life i.e, my closed circle of family who have stood by me through thick & thin.


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