Have you ever wondered who is behind a successful woman?

Time have changed & have changed for the better. Compared to a few decades back, a lot of women these days are leading great examples for other women to follow. It has always been easier for men to succeed because they are born with a Golden spoon wherein there is NO pressure to excel in all spheres of life. In order to achieve a sense of achievement, all that a man has to do is Earn Better. Good enough to ensure that your family is well fed, well traveled & secured.

However, the calculations change when we talk about a successful woman. There is a long list of Household, Kids, Professional, Personal chores that needs to be balanced in order to qualify under the average category.

So, it will be fair to say that there is not ONE person BUT a team of people behind a successful woman.

P.S: Before we move further, this is a light hearted article intended for light reading. Please don’t get offended.

Let’s quickly talk about the team of people that I think make a successful woman:

1. Family: What would we do without them? They are the key ingredients behind the recipe of success. I personally feel that one can never succeed if your family is NOT supportive. Be it your husband, kids, in laws, parents & any other relative…..they all together help to make a woman successful. So, yeah…if you are planning to take that 1 step forward ..be it education, job, business & whatever that sets your heart on fire…Don’t forget to keep your family close to your heart & Go… there will be no one stopping you, lady!  

2. Househelpers: Ahh! I am SOOO thankful for the house helpers around me. They are in fact a blessing in disguise. Good House Helpers really do help you excel in places where you can’t be. Imagine a scenario where you are busy fulfilling your official duties, you can do them at peace knowing that your family won’t go to bed empty stomach because your House Helper is there to feed them hot dinner on time. So, 3 cheers to House helpers!!

3. Friends: Friends are so underrated. I mean I know so many women who feel guilty of meeting their friends over a cup of coffee. They somehow feel that they are being judged for being a bad mother or wife who hangs around with friends instead of finishing household chores. My question to them is – How about Mental health?  Friends bring so much joy, laughter &  freshness to your monotonous routine & I think it should be made mandatory for everyone to meet their friends at least ONCE a month to break the monotony & help you restart your brain again! I honestly feel that this will also help us establish stronger social connects & fight against Depression too. I personally look forward to meeting mine at least once a month because apart from helping me stay updated with gossip, they also help me restart my brain & get back to work or my role in high spirits.

This is all from my end. Let me know if you have some other pillars of support around you that have helped you succeed?


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