Every Indian girl have grown up watching her mother in saree. Sarees are wardrobe essential not only if you are a bride to be but also if you are a fashion enthusiast. With the changing time, women are changing too. But nothing can change their love for the Indian drape. No matter how modern we get, the beauty of sarees is incredible. If you are an Indian bride, chances are that you might have a faint idea of different kinds of sarees available in Indian market. So, if you are going to get married soon and wondering to have an exclusive collection of sarees, here are our top picks for your post wedding wardrobe. Let’s have a look.

1. Banarasi Saree: On the top of the list, banarasi sarees look extraordinary graceful on a newly wedded bride. There are chances that you already have one as a ree banarasi goes hand in hand with a bride to be. A heavy and regal red banarasi saree goes with the Indian tradition. But you can experiment and opt for Banarasi lehengas too.

2. Organza: One of the most romantic fabric of all. Organza sarees are one of a kind and are best suited for that post wedding dinner dates. But the fabric is quite difficult to drape. Organza is in trend now and many brands are experimenting with lots of dyes and prints. Organza sarees are light weight and easy to carry. You might have seen the famous Bebo saree. Remember, it was extremely elegant.

3. Printed: You definitely need some regular sarees as well after marriage. A printed regular saree is a must have for some last minute plans. Mixed cotton or synthetic sarees are a good choice as they are easy drape.

4. Kota Dora: Lightweight and classic, kota dora sarees happens to be favorite of working women. These sarees are famous for their inticrate geometric design. So if you are a beginner in draping the seven yards, this should be your first choice.

5. Tussar silk: Make a statement with comtemporary designs and pair it with heavy blouse to get a festive look. Tussar is a category of silk that can be worn for both a festive and a formal look. Tussar sarees usually come in natural colors like beige or cream and have colorful borders with floral and paisley motifs.

6. Cotton: Cotton sarees with tie and dye designs are in trend these days. These are flattering, summer friendly and reasonable. Cotton sarees are extremely light weight and you can carry them without any hassle.

7. Kanchipuram: An ideal bridal wear saree made from high quality silk. Kanchipuram sarees are extremely heavy and are from Karnataka. As a new bride you must buy some Kanchipuram sarees for special occasions.

8. Maharashtrian Paithani: You might have heard about paithani sarees by your Maharashtrian friends or elders. These sarees are royal and elegant. The zari used in these sarees is of pure gold and silver. If you want to rock your first karwa chauth after marriage, go for a paithani saree.

So, when are you going to have this amazing collection? Do let us know in comments and tag your bride-to-be friend to let her know what all she can pack for her trousseau.


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