After spending a year at home, we now are open to travel and explore the world. But if you have just entered parenthood and want to take your little one on a trip, you must know that travelling with an infant requires a hell lot of preparations.

Don’t freak out when we say that taking an infant with you on a trip asks for patience and preparations. It may seem intimidating for new parents but if it is possible if you have planned things properly. Even first time parents can enjoy their travel with the baby and have a trip full of fun and excitement. Your baby will also have a whole new experience of travelling with you and exploring new things.

So, today we bring out to you some easy tips for travelling with an infant.

Make sure your baby is old enough

So travelling in the first 40 days after childbirth is a big no and must be avoided. To protect your baby from infections and to let her adjust to a new world, it is advisable to stay indoors during this period. Even new moms should not travel right after delivery to avoid any health emergency.

But if travel in unavoidable during this period, you must opt for a journey by train, car or bus. However, air travel is not feasilble as many airlines have strict age restrictions for infants. Air travel is possible only if your baby is at least 3 months old.

Babies are delicate and have immature immune system. So, it is safe to take your baby on a trip when he turns three months of age. Once he touches 6 months and has a fixed routine, you may plan a travel with him.

Safety tips for babies during the travel

Keeping it simple is the golden rule when you are on a trip with babies. Avoid long journey and keep your itinerary short so that it is not exhausting for the baby. Select a baby-friendly destination and a hotel with good hygiene so that you and your little one both are comfortable.

If you are on a road trip then:

● Keep the baby car seat on the rear seat rather than the front. Fasten it properly with the seat belts.
● Cover the windows with shades or smalk towel to protect your baby from direct sun rays.
● Carry baby’s first aid kit along with essential medicines to handle any kind of colic, fever, cold, cough or nausea.
● Consult your doctor and get a prescription in case your child has motion sickness.

Baby Feeding Tips

Carry adequate amount of water and baby food with yourself. Take regular breaks to feed your baby if you are travelling by road. If your baby is on breastfeed, try to carry a scarf and a small pillow to make breastfeeding convinient.

If your baby is on solids packing some cereals, fruits and crackers is a good idea. Carry bibs and sufficient number of wipes during the travel. Keep in mind to pack boiled water for your baby as packaged water may upset her tummy during the travel.

Things you need to pack for your baby

● Regular medicines
Diapers and wipes
Baby cosmetics which include lotion, oil and sunscreens.
● Lots and lots of clothes
● Feeding utensils
● Baby blanket and towels.
● Bibs and changing sheets.
● Toys and rattles.
● Liquid disinfectant and hand sanitizers.

Travelling with an infant may not be as easy and conviniet but when planned properly it can be a wonderful experience. Once you and your baby gets comfortable you can enjoy frequent tips and make beautiful memories.


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