Choosing a diaper that is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin is the first step to right parenting. And to be honest, there is no thumb rule to do so. Every child is different, what may suit best for your child may not be best for another. You can definitely take advice and read reviews, but in the end, it’s how your child reacts and what is comfortable for him is all what that matters.

The biggest question- Are diapers Safe?

Many new moms have questions about using diapers. But let us clear your mind, diapers, indeed are absolutely safe. You just need to follow the guidelines regarding the size, frequency of change and hygiene.

If you are going to use a diaper a night long that needs to get changed every 4 hours, chances are that your little one is going to have rashes. Keep a baby diaper rash cream handy to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

As long as you keep on changing the diapers regularly, they are not going to harm your baby’s soft skin.

Choosing the right diaper

Diapers help you a lot in the initial yeats of baby. They are essential for proper care and hygiene. Diapers provide protection from leakage and other problems like cold, cough and fever.

You will get a wide range of diapers available including cloth and disposable ones. Some are ultra convinient disposable with wetness indicator and others are reusable with quirky and cute prints. While buying diapers you must consider some important points.

1. Out of so many brands available in the market, choose the trusted and tested ones.
2. Initially buy small quantities of each diaper. Try it on your baby and figure out what suits best in terms of comfort, leakage, and reactions.
3. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, buy diapers that are soft and address the issue to avoid any harm.
4. After knowing what suits best for your baby, stick to it till your baby grows up to the age of potty training.
5. Size is important. Make sure that you buy a diaper according to your baby’s weight. Otherwise you will end up having a leaky diaper.

Check the absorbant level

The major role of a diaper is to keep your baby dry. The wetness from your baby’s urine can come with problems such as discomfort, itchy skin, rashes and etc. Always choose a diaper with strong absorbing agents and disposable diapers are much more convenient when it comes to soaking power.

Check the level of comfortability

A comfortable diaper is the one that fits your baby easily. Prefer diapers that have elastic around the legs. It prevents leaks and also makes your child comfortable. Babies can freely stretch their legs and can happily sleep with diapers on.

Go as per your budget

Budget is something that has to be taken care of. Cloth diapers are quite higher in price but are best option to save money in long run. Disposable diapers are costly as they need quick change. If you are looking to save extra pounds, go for cloth diapers as they are affordable and provide several benefits like waterproof covers, extra liners, laundry and additional sizes.

Eco friendly diapers

If you are more of a environment friendly human, you can choose eco-friendly diapers. They come with minimum packaging, renewable resources and biodegradable material. These diapers are super soft and keep your baby’s skin supple.


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