It’s your marriage in a couple of months and you suddenly spotted a grey hair. The first strand of grey hair can be alarming if you have entered your mid twenties. Have a chill pill, greying hair is pretty natural and if you start making some routine changes, it can easily slow down. Stress is also a reason of premature greying. Lack of vitamins and calcium also often leads to greying of hair. There are a million things to reverse the process but we are here with few simple things you can do to avoid the greys.

1. Henna: Everyone is well known of the fact that Henna is a great alternative for those who don’t want to ise chemicals or colors on their hairs. Henna helps in curbing premature greys. You can even mix henna with your choice of oil or eggs or you can also apply simple henna paste on your hairs. Take one egg or one tbsp of coconut oil, mix two tbsps of henna powder. Apply this paste and cover your hair from root to tip and wash it after 30 minutes with shampoo and conditioner.

2. Color: Coloring your hair is a trendy and cool way to curb your grey hairs. Its a great reason to experiment with different hair colors and highlights. It may seem a bit daunting, but you can play with your looks and flaunt your hairs in style. Eco friendly color sprays are also available out there, you can try them as well on your scalp.

3. Onion Juice : If you are suffering from a lot of hair problems and hair fall, onion juice is a boon for you. Applying onion juice directly on hair and scalp reduce hair fall and premature greying. If you do not want to apply it directly on your scalp, their are many onion infused products available in the market that you can use. Many brands have launched onion infused hair care range like masks, shampoos, oils and conditioners

4. Curry Leaves: Consumption of curry leaves not only provide plenty of nourishment but it also helps in conditioning your hair so that they remain glossy and healthy. It has amazing effects of body and hair. You can crush some curry leaves and add it to your buttermilk or you can boil curry leaves in water and wash your hairs with that water to get rid of premature greys.

Plucking a grey strand will result in more greys. We often have heard this but there is no scientific proof to this. Hair experts say that we cannot add more follicles as we already have a fixed count. So, plucking one grey will not lead to another but if you have them in plenty as you can go bald if you keep plucking.

So are you a bride-to-be and also stressed about premature greying? What are you following to reverse the process? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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