Pregnancy, the most beautiful feeling in the world. It just feels like yesterday when I saw 2 pink lines on the test kit and burst into tears. The only thought of being a mom was enough to fill me up with joy and happiness. I was curious to see those little toes and fingers but it had been only 5 weeks and the long journey was just started. It took me to strange new places like my OB/ GYN appointments, natural birth classes, baby’s shopping, etc. Being pregnant for the first time was a completely different experience. I had no idea what to expect, what to eat and what not to. I bought myself many pregnancy books and read on. During my first trimester, everything just felt surreal. I was trying to understand the changes occurring in my body. Morning sickness, nausea, constipation all started kicking into my system. Week 9 was the best as it was the first time I felt my baby’s heartbeat.

During the second trimester, that certainly was a honeymoon period, things got easier for us. I and my husband were very excited to welcome the new member of the family. We often planned holidays and short trips to lift the mood. We were over the moon. I could feel the movements and my bump started to show. The top-secret was now opened and I was receiving many compliments from my neighbors. I was much engaged in nursery planning, maternity clothes shopping, enjoying the kicks and sharing the news with everyone.

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And here comes the last stop before final destination the toughest one- third trimester. This was the time when I was all worried about the health of the baby. Each moment passed with excitement. I got all occupied with maternity photo-shoot, baby shower, prenatal visits, and checkups. This was the time when I needed my husband the most. I got heavily bloated with a huge round belly and was tired almost all the time. There were pains, body aches, and laziness throughout. This is the time when I felt the baby kicking more often. We used to play music, lullabies, and stories to him. I was dying to hold the baby in my arms and soon we got blessed with the most beautiful baby!!

So, if you are going to be parents soon, here are some tips for you:

Spend time with each other. As the baby arrives, you are going to be super busy taking his care and changing his nappies. This is the best time to bond. So go on a date, plan a trip and have fun.

Talk to the baby. Play some music, have good food, let him relax in his happy place. Pamper him.

Have some me-time, go to a salon, get a pedicure, buy a new shirt, chop your hairs and enjoy life.

Have a sound sleep. Because once the little one arrives, you aren’t going to get much of it. SO enjoy naps multiple times a day.

Every pregnancy is different, but each one of them is the most memorable time for a woman. Those nine months are the most precious. Seeing the newborn growing in front of your eyes is such a magical experience. Make sure you enjoy it to its fullest.

Author: Neelam, our Guest Blogger


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