Most of the individuals do not have any qualms about spending time in the malls. You may be going to the mall alone or with a group of friends. How about when you have kids joining you? Honestly speaking, you dread the idea of having tantrum-throwing kids paying a visit to the mall along with you. There are other ways of spending quality family time. Undoubtedly it is both beneficial for both parents and children when they spend quality time with each other. The kids feel energized when their parents take some out to spend with them. The whole affair becomes all the more entertaining when they both get involved in various activities.

Fun activities

In the hectic world of today, most of the individuals are wrapped up with their work commitments and tending to personal life obligations. With the winter vacation just around the corner, you may want to try out the following creative ways to enjoy the outdoors instead of visiting the mall.

1. Take a walk

You may introduce an element of fun by setting a timer. Begin your journey to find out the distance both of you can cover within five, ten, or maybe thirty minutes. You may want to go in a loop or aim at an out and back trail, but you should make plans accordingly. On top of that, you will not be able to ignore the health benefits. Hitting the roads on your feet will help you to shed off extra pounds.

2. With your Bike

In recent times most parents do not have the scope to spend adequate time with their family members. Cycling is an ideal solution as you get to enjoy quality time with your children. Take a bike ride with your family or go in for tandem biking and see how it helps in attaining a better understanding of each other. You will not even be aware that you are working out.

3. Kite flying

It is always fun to watch the sky filled with a host of funky colors and vibrant designs. Leave aside the fun quotient for a second and watch how the kids get a grasp of the wind dynamics. The children will act in accordance with the direction of the wind and will plan their moves against this background. Kite flying involves concentration power, and a field day with kites will help in building their focus.

4. Nature scavenger hunt

You can get involved in a scavenger hunt in the woods. If you reside in a locality where there is a nearby park or woods, then this plan would be feasible. Hand down the clues in envelopes. Before giving out the clues, you may have to do several jumping jacks. The clues may be in the form of puzzles. Maybe you would want to check out with your neighbors beforehand that if it is okay to hide clues in their property.

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5. Roller skating

This is one of the leisure activities in which the parents, as well as the children, can perform together. This activity is a lot of fun and can also help in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It is a wise idea to go out in full gear when you are involved in this activity. During your outing, you would not want to get injured. Roller skating outside will make your children develop an awareness of one’s surroundings.

6. Picnic in the fields

The idea of having a tabletop spread along with gourmet meals in a basket is quite appealing. What is there not to like about this plan. It is difficult to resist this outing because, after all, this activity is a combination of food and nature. You may want to include foods that can be wolfed and are not at all messy.

7. Outdoor painting

You can encourage creativity in your children by spending a couple of hours painting with water. Gather your tools and drop in at one of the neighborhood parks and start making strokes on paper or canvas.

8. Try out geocaching

If you want to expose your children to outdoors, then you may want to give geocaching a try. This digital treasure hunt with handheld GPS devices will provide a chance for the kids to explore the outdoor trails for finding hidden caches.

9. Sidewalk art

Choose a clean surface and then begin with a chalk drawing. If you do not have experience in this field, then you may want to start with something simple. Street painting can be a lot of fun when children are involved.

10. Outdoor photography

Children have heaps of energy. Grab your photography equipment and start capturing pictures of the neighborhood shops, parks, and various elements of nature.

Decide Intelligently

Family activities pave the way for the creation of a powerful bonding experience. They provide scope to the family members for improved communication among themselves. You should research using the online resources for finding out creative ways to get involved with the kids.


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