Turning adult? It’s time to celebrate. Congratulations on turning 18! Being of legal age comes with a lot of fun perks, but also lot of responsibilities. As an adult, you feel excited, motivated and enthusiastic to start a new phase of your journey. If you are looking for some practical life advice, here are 18 things you should do before you turn 18! You will understand what values are truly important after you cross your teenage.

So Let’s dive in!

1. Vote : Voting brings a lot of power and is very important part of being a citizen. If you don’t care about voting for the nation, you can vote for things like the school or class representative or the board to make the change in education. Once you find yourself capable enough of taking the right decision, vote for the country and choose your own leader.

2. Open a credit card : Adulthood brings lots of expenses. Fuel, parties, shopping amd what not. Opening a credit card is extremely important. Get one asap. But, credit card is a huge responsibility and should be treated as a tool to build your credit. Know your limits and spend within them. We advise to spend less than 10% of your available credit card balance and pay full every month. Credit may not seem important right now but it will be sooner than you know it. Use it responsibly.

3. Open a Bank account : You might already have one created by your parents. But once you turn 18, make sure that the account becomes yours and in your name. Have a check of your savings account with your bank as this is an important step in becoming financially independent and learn how to plan a budget.

4. Apply for Job : Before turning 18, it is tough to find job that pays well. You even find it difficult to spare much own time. Once you turn legal age, you are in the same pool of finding a job. So, take advantage of this and apply for better jobs. You can sign up for food delivery services or some better places you wanted to work as a teenager. So better in terms of making more money.

5. Start Investing : If you have deep pockets, you can start investing and grow your wealth. If you are earning you would like to save money for retirement. So opting for a pension plan is important. The younger you start, the more you will grow your wealth.

6. Invest in Yourself : You are an adult now and you have responsibilities. But the first and the foremost is taking care of yourself. Follow a skin routine, get in shape and groom yourself constantly. Your mental health is equally important so focus on it. You will be happy only when you will be comfortable with the person you are.

7. Learn about Life Basics: School or college doesn’t teach you basic things like finance, taxes, insurance, relationships, cooking etc. Being an adult it is your duty to learn basics of life. Keep on learning always and educate yourself.


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