Time is hard. Especially for those who are about to get married in this corona era. We are feeling sorry for our 2020 brides who are going through a lot of stress and anxiety. But don’t worry, we are here for you.

So if you want to help your bestie who is going to turn into a beautiful bride this year and is going through stress and uncertainty of her wedding plans, we are here for you. The time when every girl wants her best friend to be nearby, wants a warm hug and a shoulder to cry on- we are stuck in social distancing. So, bride’s besties it’s time to spread some love and get creative.

If you are a bridesmaid or a family member or just a friend looking for ways to cheer up your favorite girl and can’t go near them right now, we have got some wonderful ideas.

1. Send her flowers and chocolates: A bouquet full of roses and a sweet tempting box of chocolates is what your bestie needs right now. There are plenty of online stores who provide same day delivery at your destination. This could be an ultimate thoughtful touch for your bride to be.

2. Some wine to cheer her up: A glass of wine on a tiring day is enough to lighten you up. Although you can’t be there to celebrate her bachelors, but you can definitely send some fantastic wine for her. Call a wine shop or a resto bar to deliver her favorite bottle.

3. Time for some pampering: A home spa kit works wonders for ladies. Shop on brands like sephora, forest essentials,nykaa for a complete home care spa kit which includes body scrub, body massage, de-tan, bath bombs, body oils etc etc. Order her some pampering to make her shine on the big day.

4. Any accessory she wants to buy: If your bestie is running short of funds for buying her favorite pair of shoes or that beautiful pearl embellished tiara, you can gift her the same. Surprise her by sending her the favorite accessory she wanted.

5. Some sexy bikini sets: Yes, yes, yes!! Get some naughty and send her a sexy red hot bikini set for her golden night. We are sure she is gonna love you for this gorgeous surprise. Tease her by ordering some lacy and push up ones.

6. Be in touch with the vendors: Help her out by sharing the work load. You can book her pre-bridal appointments or the henna designer so that she may get some time to rest. You can also contact and co-ordinate some of her vendors to weigh off her shoulders.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Try the above ideas and make your bestie like she never did before. After all she deserves all the happiness in the world on her wedding day. We wish all the brides to navigate all the big plans they have for their dream wedding.


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