Pandemic is difficult for children as well

Corona virus pandemic has come down heavy for all of us. 3 months of complete lockdown: no offices, no outings, no cinemas, no work, no gatherings. We all have faced some real tough time spending a series of months. We all have experienced many physical and mental changes and still are not sure about the coming weeks. Spending long period of time at home and staying away from our loved ones has lead to a feeling of frustration and stress. The same is going on with our kids. Jolly, playful and innocent kids are now behind the bars of their own houses due to lockdown and this is hampering their mental health. Kids are feeling stressed and depressed. Around 3 million kids are at a risk of mental health problems due to this pandemic. They are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression under the quarantine.

Uncertainty still exists. These little humans are unable to attend their schools, art classes, play groups and what not. They are celebrating their quarantine birthdays and are feeling anxious about the current situation. They are desperate to resume their normal lives and now it is the high time to support the mental health of children and keep them happy.

Tips for supporting the mental health of children

1. Talk to them and explain the changes: Kids are super anxious. They need to know each and everything. They might ask you many questions about the current situation. You must try to explain and kill their curiosity. Find out what they are feeling. Let them know that it’s okay to be scared. Reassure them that things are going to be normal again and above all tell them that you are there to support them. Talking to them can help your child to feel calmer.

2. Spend quality time and do positive things together: There could be number of things that you can do with your kid. Read a book, play with them, cooking or painting together may help your kid to kill the boredom and indulge into positivity. This can also give your child a break from all the worries.

3. Hug them more often: A hug is a medicine for almost all the diseases. Giving your child a daily dose of warm hug will help them feel more secure. The time is difficult but your child requires more help and comfort hugs than often.

4. Focus on more positive stories: Balance out all the negative news by focusing on positive news. Watch funny shows, interesting movies and talk about fun activities that you enjoy together or you can make a list of things you wish to do in future.

5. Support them in the time of restrictions: It is completely natural for your kid to want to be around friends and people. Due to the social distancing rules and restrictions kids are feeling alone and this can be frustrating and upsetting for your kid. Give your child a proper guideline about personal hygiene and care. Teach them how to be safe while they are outdoors or meeting with other people.

Supporting child's mental health during lockdown

Always remember, corona virus pandemic is going to end soon. Keep your mental state calm and positive. Your positive behavior will get reflected and your kid will learn the same.


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