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Almost every new parent has numerous thoughts about the right parenting. I also wonder at times how I am going to raise my little munchkin. “Am I going to be a good mom?” “Will I be able to give my baby all those virtues and values that my parents have given me?” “Are we going to set an example of a perfect couple in front of him?” All these things keep buzzing around my mind and I often get mess up.

Positive Parenting-The first time I heard the phrase, I went blank. Oh man, “what are we talking about here?” What is positive parenting? I wondered. I guess I am the first person to get confused about positive parenting. Positive parenting is a deep and vast subject. It goes much deeper than just bringing up a smart kid.

Developing a strong and Positive relationship:

Positive parenting is deeply focused on developing a strong and committed relationship between parent and child. I think it is based on proper communication and mutual respect. It is a training that teaches children about self-control and moral values. It targets on the rules and consequences and how they will be followed. It lets parents help children to internalize discipline rather than obey orders based on fear of punishment. It involves an active understanding between parents and children. A real parent always helps his children to improve their personality and imbibe good qualities. Buying costly clothes, eatables and toys aren’t just parenting. Usually, parents fail to understand that these things only make their children stubborn and desirous of worldly pleasures. According to my experience, Indian Parenting Blog is the best platform to get the best parenting tips.

Happy parents, happy generation

Happy parents are only responsible to produce happy generations. Stress-free and cheerful parents can teach their children to live a stress-free life. Good communication between children and parents creates sanskari generation. Children resist talking to parents who are under stress. They do not feel like talking, conveying their ideas, sharing their thoughts and problems with such parents. Hence living a stress-free life is important.

Children’s psychology and upbringing are influenced by all individuals and surroundings. Not only parents but caregivers including grandparents, uncle, aunt, and other family members also play a meaningful role in a child’s positive development. Positive parenting is the continual relationship of a parent with their child which includes teaching, leading, communicating, and fulfilling the needs of a child unconditionally.

All children are born good and are capable of doing the right things. We as good parents must be capable of telling them the difference between right and wrong. I feel that the objective of positive parenting is teaching discipline that builds a child’s self-esteem and supports a mutually respectful parent-child relationship. It encourages a child’s personal development and self-growth.

In general, there are many aspects of positive parenting that nurture a child’s development, creativity, belief in the future, and the ability to get along with others.

Warm, loving, and supportive parents feed a child’s inner spirit and empower him with the knowledge to approach life as a fully capable individual.

A Few Positive Parenting Tips For The Young Parents

Going to be a new parent? Looking to give your child the same upstanding values and virtues you had from your parents? These are quite normal questions, and I had also encountered these thoughts before my bundle of joy came to me. The concept of positive parenting was new to me and I often got confused about its whereabouts. Well, let us know a bit more about this concept.

A stable positive relation

The relationship between the parent and child must be committed and stable. Whichever positive parenting tips I had come across, the main theme revolved around this concept. Although, it doesn’t mean that you will have to shower your children with expensive gifts and whatever they want. In a concise approach, these are some of the guidelines you would need to follow for this parenting;

  • Proper communication and mutual respect must be maintained.
  • Training on moral values and self-control will have to be completed with the teaching of actions and their consequences.
  • The value of discipline need to be internalized, rather than obeyed because of fear.

Improvement of self

Fulfilling every wish of your children is not good parenting but making them understand the value of these privileges would be among the great positive parenting tips one can follow. To ensure that your children can grow as themselves, I would recommend leaving issues of stress outside your home. You can go through the Parenting Blogs in India for the best parenting advice.


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