I love winters. As it is a perfect season to showcase your style and get cozy in blankets. Another thing that I love about winters is “gur”. A comfort food that keeps you warm in winters and has numerous health benefits. Jaggery has sugar in its natural form and it has a special kind of relation with winters. I remember how my dadi used to cook that gur ka parantha for us in winters. Be it raw or cooked, jaggery tastes so heavenly. The consumption of jaggery gets even more joyful as it uplifts the mood.

Not only it tastes good but jaggery is a super food with many health benefits. So let us make ourselves aware of the benefits of jaggery and keep it as an essential part of our diet in winters.

1. Purifies Blood : Jaggery is the healthiest option in place of sugar and is the natural blood purifier. It is a powerful source that helps im sucking out of the toxins from the body. We come in continuous contact of pollution and impurities which promotes toxins. Jaggery helps in purifying the blood and helps in blood circulation. It also helps in keeping the skin healthy.

2. Keeps skin young and healthy : Jaggery uplifts skin and helps in eliminating wrinkles. It provides the boon of glowing skin and stops the occurence of fine lines and wrinkles. Jaggery consumption delay the aging process and gives a natural glow to skin. Have it in its raw form after meals or drink it in warm water to make your skin look young and shiny.

3. Fights pimples : Are you also fed up of those stubborn and reoccuring pimples, jaggery is the solution. Just mix a piece of jaggery in some tomato juice and green tea along with a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it to face for five mimutes and rinse with cold water. Blackheads, pimples or spots will vanish in few months.

4. Hair Benefits : Jaggery helps to grow your hair thick, soft and shiny and also strengthen hair roots. To get those lustrous strands, mix jaggery with thick curd and water. Apply one hour before hair wash and see the difference.

5. Treating Asthma : Consumption of jaggery with meals controls the asthma occurence in patients. Jaggery is known to be beneficial in purifying blood and maintaining oxygen level in human blood cells. Take jaggery after meals to clean away the toxins.

6. Helps in Weight Loss : Superfood jaggery also helps in cutting off the excess fat from the body. Moderate intake of jaggery foster weight loss and is a good source of potassium. It balance electrolytes and boosts metabolism. It also helps in reducing water retention and losing weight.

As the jaggery season is going on, what are your thoughts over the consumption of this super food? Are you going to have it raw. If not, stuff it in paranthas and have it as a wholesome breakfast option. Share your jaggery recipe with us in comments and enjoy the winters.


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