Everyone knows that stressed spell backward is desserts. And yeah, to be real, desserts are the best way to brighten up the mood. Dessert is my favorite part of any meal and I have the biggest sweet tooth to get enough of any sweet indulgence. Anything sweet takes my mood from sad to happy in just a bite.

If you love dessert as much as I do, you can’t afford missing the best desserts to try when you want to cheer up.

1. Strawberries dipped in chocolate: Chocolate dipped strawberries are simply classic and are loved by many. It is a basic recipe that calls for only two ingredients, chocolate and strawberries. You can experiment with milk, white or dark chocolate and add some caramel for that extra sweetness.

2. Nutella Brownies : Did you just said Nutella Brownies? Who doesn’t love them? These square treats can be enjoyed in various flavors and ways. Nutella Brownies are very easy to make and you can serve them with chilled ice cream or whipped cream for some more flavor.

3. Cheesecake: If you are not a big fan of chocolates than cheesecakes are the best option. You can try different flavors like vanilla, kiwi, orange, strawberry as per your liking. Cheesecakes are extremely light, fluffy and wholesome to enjoy after a great dinner meal. You can even try basque cheesecake or lotus biscoff cheesecake if you want to try new flavors. A slice will surely lift your mood than ever after.

4. Fruit Tarts : If you are crazy for fruity desserts than fruit tarts are the best option for you. It is one of those desserts that will lift up your mood in minutes. Fruit tart is super easy to make and you need to have only few ingredients like fruits, cream and pastry crust to make it. You can even add custard into the tart to give it a rich texture.

5. Banana Bread : Not a dessert but a soft and sweet bread when served with a dollop of nutella and banana slices leaves you going crazy. It is made up of mashed and ripe bananas and is super moist. You can serve it with bananas in breakfast or with vanilla icecream as a dessert.

6. Chocolate Mousse: This dessert will never leave you unsatisfied and hit your taste buds within seconds. It is very quick and easy to make and uses minimum ingredients. Very soft in texture, light and mouth melting dessert, chocolate mousse is your go to dessert when you are feeling low.

7. Rice Pudding : Above all, a bowl of comforting, traditional kheer is a show stopper. Made with milk, rice, dried nuts and sugar, kheer is loved by one and all. The melt in mouth texture is enough to make you happy. If you are a fruit lover. you can pureed fruits or pulp to make kheer of your favorite flavor. A perfect dessert after a filling meal.

All these sweet dishes are easy to make and if you are feeling even a bit low, try them right now and see how things turn around. Happy eating!


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