The Winter is a season of celebration with Christmas and the new year. Also, for many kids living abroad, this is the time they get their vacation and come back to India to see their family.
In this season our baby boys and baby girls are more vulnerable to cold. But don’t fret in this blog you can find ways to protect your baby boys and baby girls in style. Here is a list of warm, cozy, and stylish garments that kick out cold in style.

Full sleeve hooded sweatshirt

The full sleeve hooded sweatshirt has always been a staple in the winter fashion scene. This is many baby boys’ favorite style of clothing as it gives a cool modern look. This sweatshirt can be paired with jeans and sneakers or rugged shoes to have a cool fit. Choose colors like grey, black, blue, dark green. For baby girls, floral prints or pink or white combinations look good.

Round neck sweater

A more minimalistic option would be this classic round neck sweater, this can be had in horizontal stripes pattern or any pattern with minimal design elements would work great. You can pull off this look with a pair of jeans or pants with boots as in winter it is easier to maintain and looks good.

Monkey caps

Monkey caps while providing the best protection from cold, also give a cute and snuggly feel to the outfit, you can use any color that pops out and is visible like red, peach, pink, white, maroon(in high-quality ones). A monkey cap with animal prints and small ears or the ones which have a small ball of white fur on top is good.


In winters boots are a stylish and comfortable option for footwear. It can be matched with almost all of the winter outfits. A good pair of boots that look rugged can easily manage a puddle or a sludge. You can add on boots with fur also but beware of the maintenance of the fur as it can become easily dirty.


Scarfs are a cool and cute accessory to pair with winter look outfits. You can make them wear it in different ways to be unique. You can match it with outfits by going for colors slightly bolder than the outfit

Quilted jackets

A quilted jacket gives off a more mature vibe than the others on the list. But still is cute. You can also use the hooded variants. Using colors like orange, green, blue with jeans or pants look good you can also pair it with boots and a monkey cap to make sure your little ones are protected from cold. You can also use the ones with cartoon designs all over them.


In this covid season, gloves can also act as protection from the virus and the cold. Use a slightly bolder shade of the outfit or black or rugged colors and you would be good to go.

Soft fur hoodies

This outfit gives off a very cool and posh look. It is 90’s Hollywood fashion brought back but hey no one is complaining. It looks better on girls than boys. Even though boys can pull it off and still look cool. Light colors with whitish fur with jeans are the look to go for.


Rompers are single-piece for baby boys and baby girls. There are animal prints on these outfits makes them look very cute. Some of them with pandas, tigers, with little ears on the head are a good choice.


Lastly, masks, even though it is the last outfit on this blog it is the most important accessory nowadays, especially in the cold winters where it spreads faster and no one knows for sure is it a regular cold or covid. But no one told us not to keep them fashionable. The masks with animal prints look unique and cute.

The takeaway

The winter is here, make sure you and your loved ones are safe by taking care of your health and wearing warm clothes. Hope you get an idea of how to dress up your kids this winter. How do you plan on dressing up with your kids? Do comment below.


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